Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Well once again I am not on top of things, and didn't know it was Teacher Appreciation Week...  Eon wanted to get his teacher a present.  I showed him the Cup Caddy (I had been thinking about giving it to his teacher, but needed an excuse.. :P). I said "It's a cup caddy. She can put it on her desk to hold all her pens, pencils, markers, scissors..."  Well he thought that was cool. And, we got her a box of chocolates because she said she can't let a day go by, without having some chocolate. (I can sooo relate to that! :P)  And, we got her a pen that says "#1 Teacher". And Eon made her a card.

I was reading blogs yesterday, and saw a recipe link for Snickerdoodle Bars. YUUUUMM! I have been seeing (and wanting to make) a lot of snickerdoodle recipes lately. First I saw Snickerdoodle muffins, and then these Snickerdoodle Bars.  Well I was in the mood for some dessert. So I printed out the recipe, pulled out the butter to soften, and I made these last night.  I took a few over to the neighbors, and now there are only 3 left. Guess I will have to make some more. :D Sorry about the yucky picture; my camera was recharging, so I took it with my phone...  Oh, by the way, I did not use Gold Medal flour. I used Great Value brand flour. I also had to mircrowave the brown sugar; because SOMEONE~ I'm not naming any names, but it starts with an E and ends with an ON~ keeps getting the brown sugar out to eat some, and leaves the bag open so it gets all hard.  :/  AND, I didn't have enough butter so... I used 2 Tblspns of vegetable shortening to make 3/4 cup~ and they still came out good. Yay...    (Just thought I would share that. When I want dessert, I don't let nothing stop me.. Lol :P)

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paula said...

when I was a young child, we had the Hoosier Cabinet, that I now show off in my dining room, sitting on the back porch. In the bottom drawer were my roller skates adn the top drawer had the brown sugar . and probably something else too. I don't know how many times I would get my skates and some "brown sugar to go." I always thought I was the only kid who did that . . way to go, Eon! LOLOL