Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Square Bears, And A Graduation Bear

Well I got some things done I needed to finish. These squares were one of them. I made them for Comfortghans for Kristopher and Karlee.  So very sad, I felt like I had to do *something*...  These are for Kristopher.

And these are for Karlee.  I finished those up yesterday.

And today, I sat my butt down and worked on this all day long. :D  This is for an 8th grade girl who I sponsor on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  She is "graduating" 8th grade. (I still can't get used to that... graduating for kindergarten, fifth grade, eighth grade and high school?...) Anyway, I thought I would make her this bear. And I got her a card, and I'll probably get her a necklace or something.  I was going to get her a gift card. But...  I decided not to, and to go with the original idea of a necklace.  What are you going to do when they graduate high school, then?  ;)   Anyway, I wanted to finish these things asap so I can get them in the mail.  

Now I can test a pattern.  :D


Mimi said...

Those are cute squares!...and the bear too.
How sad for the Mom who lost her daughter and the kids who lost their mother to cancer...

LG said...

I read the story in Crochetville, very sad. Your squares are lovely, the blanket will look wonderful.