Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Yard Sale and Thrift Store Finds

I saw a yard sale sign last week, when I was on my way somewhere. (I think to Walmart, and I stopped at the Salvation Army, too.) Well on the way back, I stopped at the yard sale. I couldn't decide which tea pot I liked better. So... I got them both. :P  And I thought the lighthouse picture frame was cute, so I got that, too. I already sent it to someone.

This is what I got at the Salvation Army, for $5. $1 each...  I got some  cards & envelopes, too.

...and these. I'm not sure exactly what they are. But... They're roosters. So they will go somewhere in my kitchen.

And I didn't get this at a yard sale or the Salvation Army. But I did *find* it in my mailbox. :P  Someone sent me a thank you card and a crocheted angel, for sending them a Friendshipghan Square. So sweet..  :)   That was so nice of her. I want to try and thread a piece of gold glittery thread (crochet thread) through the head so I can hang it from our Christmas Tree this year.  Thank you so much, Carole.


Mimi said...

Cute stuff Tina! The two teapots both look lovely and can go together. The roosters I would guess are bookends? or maybe napkin holders?...I think I'll go to the surplus and used clothes shops nearby again to find something cool ;)

Tina said...

I was thinking maybe napkin holders, too; Mimi. :) I hope you find some fun goodies!! :D