Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Toe-Up Socks Progress

I saw some socks that HomekeepingGran had knitted. (They're green, too.)  :D So I thought I would post my socks progress...  It feels like it's taking me forever to knit these. :(     And I doubt I will EVER get as good at knitting socks as HomekeepingGran. But..   I still like doing it.

I did finish another pair of crocheted socks, for PR. I finished them last night while watching World War I in Colour.  I didn't take a picture of those yet, though.  My 15 year old was laying (face down) on the couch. I kept asking him "What are you doing?"  "What's wrong?" But he kept talking into the couch and I couldn't hear him.  A minute later I heard him in the bathroom, throwing up. :(   So Eli's home from school today. Eon was home yesterday. Headache, stuffed up, stomach..   Maybe I should take some Airborne...  :/


Mimi said...

Its looking good Tina, I admire your patience for knitting socks :)
Hope your sons are ok now...

Tina said...

Thank you, Mimi. Eon is still stuffed up. But.. He does have allergies, so he is like that quite a bit.

BTW, I am not patient when it comes to knitting socks!!;) At least not with the smaller needles and yarn.. :)