Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Did you have a nice Easter? We never usually do much. Eon is our youngest, and I don't even think there is an Easter Egg Hunt or anything in this town.. So, I hid some eggs in the house. I think Eon thought it was fun. Here he is with his eggs.. 

I just put stickers, money, and little stuff in them. (Since he was going to get enough candy in his Easter basket-- even though he didn't know that yet.) :D

I even hid a few eggs for Jetta, with Milk Bones in them. :P

"Um, are these balls? Can I play with them?.."  Lol

Their Easter baskets..

I think he liked the Storm Trooper chocolate bunny. :)

"Wut? Is he almost smiling?"...

We dyed some eggs... But not too many, since I didn't think they would all get eaten.

I dyed a couple, too. I saw a cool rubber band dying idea on Pinterest. So I had to try it. Eon did all the rest. :)


paula said...

I like the rubber band eggs . . too cool ! ! ! ! !

Tina said...

They were a little time consuming, like an all day project, but I like how they turned out. Something different. :)