Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello, It's Me..

I have been waiting to plant all my baby trees that are in pots, until it gets warm enough to do it..  My husband said he would plant the big one; because he wanted it behind the bedroom window for shade. I don't know how long it will take to get big enough to make shade. (We might not even still be living here by then. But..) It has grown fast since I put it in a bigger pot, so maybe it will take off now that it's (back) in the ground. I measured it and it's 15 inches tall. So I can see how fast it grows. ;)  Now to plant the other 10..  I want to plant them along the edge of the back yard. You can kind of see in the picture where the rocks en in our yard. That's where. :)

Here are four "Sea" squares I crocheted. They are the "That Turtle Square" from Crochetville. I did run out of blue on the one, and used a different color blue. I also bought a seahorse pattern. I'm going to do at least one square with that. It's so cute.. :D I have the sea horse done, I've been trying to get a square that is 8 inches wide to sew it on to. I made some before but this square isn't turning out the same as those. So  it took four tries to get it right this time..  The April Challenge for Knit-A-Square is "Sea, Seashore, and Shells". So...  This is what I have so far. 

And look what came in the mail today from Sue~ Mango Treats!!! I LOVE mango, lately. I don't know why I never ate it before. I wasn't too big on fruit when I was a kid (except apples). But I have been trying different foods/fruits lately and Sue sent me some from where she lives. Eon loves them, too. (The gummies.) He kept coming back and saying, "They're so yummy." "They're good."  You would think I never let him have food or something.. ;)  Thank you, Sue!! <3 td="">

Eon was home sick today from school today. I almost made him go, but when I asked him what was wrong, he told me the same things I woke up with, too. :(  I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. I felt pretty yucky.  I didn't do much today, either. I did sew a pillowcase. :P  I was googling minecraft "arts and crafts", then I thought "Oh, I should do this on Ravelry!!" and then of course I had to pin a bunch of cool ideas on Pinterest. (Sigh..)  I was thinking about what to do for Eon's next birthday. I found a cool Minecraft Cake idea that I think I might try myself this year. :D  And Minecraft "cupcakes". Although it is really a cake, cut into square cupcakes. Legos, a t-shirt, a baseball hat... I want to crochet a Creeper, and a Creeper Afghan (I might do that one for Eli, for Christmas), and a hat for Eon: This one or this one. (Sigh...)  And now here I am blogging about all the stuff I found while googling and pinning and Ravelry..  Anyway, while looking for Minecraft stuff on Google, I found a cool melty beads Creeper. I thought, "Eon would love this!" He's always saying "I'm bored..."  So I am always trying to think of cool arts and crafts to do. This one was a winner. :D

Then he made a Minecraft wolf, for Eli. But once it was done, he said "Oh I messed up." (Ugh.)  I thought he was going to have a meltdown...  I thought this one was still cool. But he wanted it to be perfect for Eli. I don't know why, when he isn't very nice to him half the time.  :(  But...  He loves his brother(s).

So he made another one. :)

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