Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Chicks and Peeps

I was googling stuff the other day, and saw the cutest "Peep Cookies" online. I HAD to try making some! After googling and trying to find cookie cutters (almost thought about making my own, after reading that someone else did it); I finally saw someone else's idea to make a template- (same person/blog that I found they Peeps Cookies on), and I thought "Duh.. This will work". Especially since it was only about three days until Easter, and I knew if I ordered a cookie cutter online it wouldn't make it in time. I didn't want to drive all the way to Hobby Lobby and see if they had any, and it just be a wasted trip if they didn't. So, then I googled "Bunny Peep outline", and... Ta Da! I used a plastic lid from a "throw away" casserole dish from Thanksgiving last year. This way you can wash and re-use your template. I wish I had something a little sturdier, but this will work until I get a bigger lid or something else. :D  I did find a couple places online that sell Peep cookie cutters, besides reading that Hobby Lobby sells one that would work. But, now I have this. So. :) I saved a few bucks. :D

Sugar cookie dough and a knife. (Flour the template, then it won't stick to the dough..)

First batch.

Pink Peeps. I bought a container of four different colored sugars at Walmart.  I did frost them (just with plain old sugar cookie frosting-homemade of course), then the sugar would stick better. 

Purple Peeps.

And yellow.

Eon wanted to decorate one one time when I was using the sugar. I said, "Why don't you use some of the leftover sugars on that plate? You can make an Ugly Bunny cookie."  :P He thought that was a good idea. 

...So did I. :P  This wasn't all the leftover sugar. That actually only was enough for one cookie. But... I went with it and just made them all different colors..

Not that the kids needed any more sugar, after all their Easter candy. But...  I had to try these. I have been trying to limit the sugar/junk food we eat. I've been making fruit smoothies and getting more healthy things. But... It's Easter.

I want to use the plastic lid template idea to make some Lego Man cookies someday (maybe for Eons' birthday). Incidentally, that is also the blog I got the idea to make the plastic lid template from. :)
I saw these Party Chicks on Pinterest, and I thought they were cute. I also thought, "Hey I can make those with all the eggs we dyed."  They are just deviled eggs, and I used a sandwich baggie with a corner cut off to "pipe" the filling into the eggs. Then used sliced up sliced black olives, and tiny carrot pieces for the noses and eyes. 


paula said...

I am SO hungry for deviled eggs . . your look so cute . . and the bunnies are just adorable.

Tina said...

Thanks Paula. Deviled eggs were always at holidays at my Grandma's house... I just had to make some. :)