Thursday, April 25, 2013

I finished some more squares for the Sea, Sea Shell, and whatever else sea-related monthly challenge at KAS.  This seahorse pattern is from EverLaughter's Etsy store. She has so many cute applique patterns. The square I just did myself. And the "seaweed" is a fluffy yarn; I just did surface crochets.

And I had been thinking about doing a snail square. Then I got to thinking, "Hey Gary is a snail...  I could just make the snail the same colors as him.."  Then I thought, "I should try and do Spongebob, too." So this is what I came up with. Nothing big but maybe it will make a child smile.  The snail pattern is from Bernat, the snail baby blanket. Here is the Ravelry link.

And, two shell squares..  I used this sea shell pattern.

I am a little bit irritated today.. Actually this started a couple of weeks ago. I went on to Ravelry, and I had a message from someone asking me if I "could help her with a pattern" (the short sleeve bolero pattern, by Lisa Gentry.) I am, right off  the bat, wondering why she is asking ME for help, if she has a problem why not ask the pattern designer? Then she proceeds to say how pretty it is, she wants to make one for her Mother, for Mother's Day, she's really new to crochet, blah blah blah..   I shouldn't have even responded to her message. Because it has been year since I made it, and I can't even remember what I did last week- how am I going to help her with this?...  So I said what exactly do you need help with?  Well, it turned out, she wanted help with me telling her how to crochet it. (Without her having to actually buy the pattern- Oh my god. Seriously? She couldn't spend $2.99 on a pattern-especially since it's going to be a gift, for Mother's Day?...)  GRRRR!!    Then, today, I have a message from someone asking me if I could send her a pattern because she "lost hers, here's my email adress". ????  Am I the pattern designer? NO!! Do I look like a big pushover? NO!! Do I have a big sign on my Ravelry profile saying "Please ask me if you want any patterns-especially if they're not free?"..... GRRRR!!  I am going to change my avatar to Grumpy Cat saying "NO"; on Ravelry. People are really pissing me off. I might not have gotten so irritated with sending this person today the pattern, it was a free pattern (but it's not MY pattern- again, why not try to contact the pattern designer?). But 1. It was the way she *asked*- more like, told, me. 2. My scanner is broke, and I am out of printer ink. I again might not have minded going to the library, paying to get a copy made, go to the store, buy something to mail it in, go to the post office, and mail it. But she did not ask me very nicely. So. No. 


paula said...

WOW! I can't believe someone asked you that . . let alone two people . . but, then again, not much surprises me anymore.

If you have their messages, I would be tempted to report them. I am sure they are/have done it multiple times before :(

Tina said...

Irritating, isn't it? :/