Thursday, May 02, 2013

Pillowcases and Baby Quilts I Never Finished... :(

A friend of mine from high school (we "found" each other on facebook via another mutual friend) is a Foster Mom. She is doing a pillowcase project for all the foster kids they get in. She posted on fb for help. Since I recently got into making pillowcases, I said I will make some. :D  I tried a new pattern, using only two fabrics. It's so much easier. I used the pattern/tutorial from the Missouri Quilt Company for the three fabric pillowcases, and then found the two fabric pattern after going to the all people quitl one million pillowcase website. I think they are sisters. ?  Anyway, that reminds me I need to enter these on that site. Lol.  I wanted to do more pillowcases, but...  All that cute fabric starts adding up. And I could tell my hubby was wondering what I kept spending money on. :/  I might do some more, but maybe not ten. (Shipping was expensive, too.)   :(  Eon helped me pick out some of the fabric. The Toy Story and Cars pillowcase fabric, he said "You should use this one. Little kids would like it." ;P  ("Little kids", lol...)

When I was going through my tubs of fabric looking for more fabric I might possibly be able to use, I found two baby quilts I had started; and I got them out. This one I actually started for Eon. :(  He's ten years old now... (sigh..)  I didn't have much selection for fabric back then. I think I might have run out of variety, or something. I see one of my husbands' old work shirts. (The striped fabric on the very bottom of the bottom square.) A piece of fabric I used from a little kids rocking chair I "refinished" for Evan when he was two years old- painted and re"upholstered" the seat. :P   I was using the pattern from the book that is next to it..

Can you tell a little better now?... (The one in the crib.) I did Eons' room in a sage green and butter cup yellow.

It was in this book, "P.S. I Love You Two".

And I found all these pieces that I am almost positive I started when Evan was little, or maybe even before he was born? I know I used fabric from a quilt I made for my cousins' baby (who is a year older than Evan), in some of these pieces. I also know I sent a BUNCH of these to someone I read about in a magazine. (I never got a thank you, or even found out if they got to her, either.. :/  Kind of sorry I even sent them.) Oh well...   I have no idea who I could finish these for, except to send to Pine Ridge.   I don't remember where I got the pattern for this, probably from one of my quilting books. I will have to look. I think it's called "Flying Geese", though. :)      I finally got a window bird feeder, I am so happy. I put it on my window outside my craft room. And I love to see the birds come to it while I sew. :)  I can't really see them very well on the feeder in the backyard. Which reminds me, I need more bird seed.. :P   

Okay, it was bugging me... so I went to look through my books, and it is called "Wild Goose Chase" in the book- "Quilts, Quilts, Quilts".  Look a sample of it is on the cover of that book. (It isn't on mine.)  :) That was one of the first quilting books I got. I think it was THE first one.  I sewed a log cabin quilt for Eli (I started it for Evan, though..) from that book. I'll have to dig it out and take a picture of it. He ripped a hole in it and gave it to me to fix. I will fix it... someday.

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