Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Guess I Didn't Get It Out Of My System Yet...

I crocheted another CO state flag/Broncos hat, this time. :P  I like this one even better, I think. (So did Eon~ and he tried to take it, the second he saw it.)  I was thinking about trying to sell this one... I don't know.

I also tweaked my "Piggy Bank" pattern, and made a Colorado Fund bank, out of a 28 ounce tomato sauce can. I told my husband "It's my Colorado fund, to save money to move back there." ;)  (I am definitely going to need a bigger can!! Lol)

I am crocheting a U of M hat now. Since I am from Michigan. Let's Go Blue! This might turn into a thing, making state/team hats. :P

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paula said...

Love the hat!