Monday, May 06, 2013

A Boring Blog Post About Fixing Zippers...

... and some other stuff, too. Like this card I made yesterday.  I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest for a Paint Strip Sample thank you card made with a dragonfly punch. Well, I don't have a dragonfly punch, so I used a small butterfly one I have. And I just kept adding to it..  I think it came out cute. The original site for the pin is from an instagram picture: Dragonfly Paint Strip Sample card.  I have; since I made this card, ordered a dragonfly punch. Because I have been wanting one, anyway. I think this is a really cute card you could do a lot of different things with, too; so...  :)

And I folded my note into a heart. :P  I'm feeling so crafty lately.. Tee hee. I found a video on You Tube and had to try it: How to fold a note into a heart. I think it came out cute.

Eon's zipper on his (otherwise almost brand new) back pack broke a few months ago. The zipper was okay, the pull part had just come off (and I have no idea where it went to..). So he wasn't able to zip it up at all. He had been using his old back pack until we could get him a new one (which only had one strap, and the back part was ripped). Well I hot glued that together, so the only thing wrong with it was it only had one strap (and was really old/beat up). But... he said it was falling apart, and had been complaining about it. And, since I really didn't want to waste money on a new back pack, when his red one was just fine (except the zipper); I kept thinking maybe I could fix the zipper. Or at least try..  So after googling how to fix zippers, and watching some You Tube videos (I love You Tube, Lol..) on how to fix zippers, (that was the first one I watched) and different zipper types, etc, and how to reattach your zipper pull (these last two were the most helpful); I eventually tried cutting the zipper part out of the old back pack and hubby got the pull off. Both back packs have similar sized (I couldn't tell for sure, because I could't find any numbers, and I didn't measure them; but they looked similar in size) zippers. I was hoping they were the same... So I ripped the very end off of the zipper (I could sew it back in later) and sat there for 45 minutes trying to get that pull back on. Well when I asked my husband (maybe I just wasn't strong enough to yank it up?- I was using needle nosed pliers and everything..), he got it on in less than three minutes. :(  I was actually happy, but bummed that my husband is better at it than I am. After weeks of watching you tube videos, and finally trying to do it.. Turned out I was trying to put the pull on upside down. Lol! But.. between both of us, we were able to fix the zipper. I told my husband, "Thank you for fixing it for me, now I don't have to go waste your money on a new back pack for Eon." :P

...Ta da..    You can barely tell (except the zipper pull has a blue string on it :P). I sewed the ziper back down into the back pack, and changed the thread to sew it into the grey part, too.  I just told Eon, "Don't zip it all the way down."  (Sigh... He will probably forget.)

I also patched up this bottom area. It had a couple little rips. So I ironed on a patch into the bottom of the back pack. Yay... This will definitely last him until the end of the school year. Who knows, maybe even all of next year. :D 

For my little business man, Eon..Another office supply item. :P  He had been looking at similar ones. I got him this one (because it was cheaper than the one he had been looking at), and  because it has the clip on the top for a notebook.

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