Saturday, November 27, 2010

:0 !!! I got Fudge from Frankenmuth in the Mail!!!

I still am in shock. Last night I went out to check the mail after dinner, thinking "Maybe that yarn came that I ordered".  I opened the mailbox and there was a box in there. I thought, "What's this?"  Well it was dark out so I couldn't see who it was from until I got into the house. I recognized the sender's name because she had just sent me a card in the Just Because Greeting Cards swap for November.  I thought "Aaaaw, she sent me a box, too?".  My jaw fell open when I saw what was inside!! FUDGE from Frankenmuth, Michigan!!  I had mentioned something (in my card I had sent her) about had she ever gone to Frankenmuth, my family went there a lot and I missed it (fuge~ yummy!).  She wrote that the next time she went to Frankenmuth she would get me some fudge.  :0   (That was fast!!)  Her daughter went there, and she asked her daughter to get me some fudge.  THANK YOU Becky and daughter!!  This means so much to me. I actually started to cry.  I kept thinking "I hope Steve doesn't come in here and see me crying over fudge... He already probably thinks I've lost it"..  lol    I let the kids have a piece last night,  but I am HIDING it!! (They will inhale it in one hour, the way they go through food... And they won't appreciate it like I do.)  ;)    <3  ~~THANK YOU, BECKY!!!~~ <3    She also sent me some snowflakes from Michigan! :D  (I had sent her some "Palm Trees from Las Vegas" lol (Little hole punchy things...) I almost sent her snowflakes, but I was thinking she probably didn't want snowflakes.. living in Michigan she probably wants something warm! 

I helped out in my son's classroom on Wednesday. I was so excited to find out we were going to be making Thumbprint Turkeys!! (No, I'm not an overgrown kid or anything...)  Someone on the JBGC thread had mentioned something about a "thumbprint card" someone had made them/sent them. Well I started thinking "I wonder if that's anything like the thumbodies I do" (a few pictures down)  I googled it, and that's exactly what it is. (Just one site, but a lot of good ideas on it..)  But you make cards with them.  So the very same week, I got to help a bunch of kids make Thumbprint Turkeys. How cool is that?!  I still haven't made one myself. We used fingerpaints in the classroom. This is my son's. :D  I think he did an awesome job!! (Some of the kids got either way too much paint on their thumb, or not enough... I think Eon did his just right..  Of course, he's done this before, but... Not with finger paints, though. ;P) 

This is an art project (?) we did a couple nights ago, me and Eon.  Crayon cakes. :P  He kept asking me for some twisty crayons or something at Walmart (he has Sliders already at home, which are almost the same) and said he wanted to do an art project... So. I thought this might get something out of his system. It's crayons, and an art project..  We've done this before.  Just took all the broken crayons out of his crayone box, and put them in muffin tins @ 250 for about 10 minutes.   The ones toward the bottom of the picture are Eons'. Mine are at the top.  :P

Here are the ones I did, after...   I took a picture of the ones Eon did, too. They kind of all blended in together though.  And, I forgot how to get them out and ended up kind of wrecking his. But, later I thought "Well duh... Why not just put them back in the pan & melt them again?"  So it all turned out good. The trick to getting them out, is put the pan in the freezer.  Then they will just fall out (eventually) of the pan when you turn it over. 

They turned out so cool!!  The one in the middle on the top is one of Eons. (This was before I put them back in the oven, and that one is actually broke in half. I just stuck it back together to take a picture..)  Anyway, he still hasn't colored with them. I said "Well what are you going to do with them? They're to color with..." He said he's just going to collect them. (Sigh..) 


Susan said...


I remember the fudge we had in Frankenmuth last year! It was GOOOOOOOD!

~ Susan

Paula said...

Food memories from childhood . . . saltwater taffy from Indiana Beach . . . so creamy and chewy . . take the flat, wide pieces and pull on them for all my might . .. get some and the rest pulls off and strings off the piece . . scrumptious!

Frankenmuth Fudge isn't bad either!

Mimi said...

Ooh...the fudge seems really special, what a thoughtful gift!

Tina said...

Thank you all. :) We used to go to Frankenmuth at least once a year, and get fudge; when we lived in Michigan. So it meant a lot to me that someone sent me some in the mail!

Mary/May said...

Frankenmuth is AWSOME! their fudge is wickedly tasty. Mackinaw is good too.. I've been to both places. >.< as a child mind you but still!!!