Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Holy Guacamole (however you spell it..)! Is it just me or is Blogger having issues lately? Sheesh! This is the fourth time (today) I have tried to post to my blog..  I tried a few days ago, too and it was the same thing.  I almost was afraid to post all the pictures I wanted to...   I have been working on slippers lately.  It's that time of year, I guess...  And I like crocheting slippers. Especially this pattern. Ruby's Slippers. One of my favorite patterns to crochet.  This pair I made a size 8 to send to the 15 year old girl I send things to on PR.  I put some goodies inside the slippers. <3  Fun!... :P

And, I made Eon a pair since he just skipped like TWO shoe sizes in the last month and the slippers that fit him last year are WAY too small... :0  They still look brand new. (I think I will send them to PR.) These are a tad bit big on him; but the way he keeps growing, that's a good thing. :P  I told him I am going to have to stop feeding him. Then he won't grow anymore. :P

And, a third pair I finished (I still have one more pair of these started, too..)  I did these with an F hook and sport weight yarn. They are probably a 9 or 10 childs size. They measure 6 inches long.  All the kids sized slippers, I am sending to a person on PR who distributes things. All the adult size ones I get done, I am sending to Pass Creek Eldery Center. 

Like these.  This one is a pattern from an old Crafting Traditions magazine. It's another one of my fave easy slipper patterns. 

And, this is the Granny Squares Slippers pattern I have talked about, from The Purl Bee. I love these slippers. Obviously I have to finish the other one. :P   I'm gonna put goodies in all of them. For the kids, Candy Cane Cocoa (or any other single pouch thingys I can find.. They have some at Smith's I think.)  Chapsticks, little animal pencil topper/erasers (in the first picture there is one~inside the little plastic ball)...   For boys, Hot Wheels or any little toy; maybe some Silly Band Bracelets...    Well I should get dinner started early today so I better get off here and hope it will post!..

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Summerysmile said...

Cute slippers! I love making slippers too. Thanks for sharing the pattern links! :)