Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More "Hello" Cards...

Well, for something to blog about...  :)  I have been making some cards lately. (Well, a couple, anyway.) I finished this one a few days ago. I call it "Hello Peppermint Bear".  The bear oval is from a Candy Cane Lane tea box. :P  The "hello" letter/envelope stamp is one I won on Ebay.   I have been trying different ideas, like the Coffee Cup Card I made..

This one I call "Hello Snowflake". I screwed up on the top part. Makes me so mad.  I got it all taped on the back and went to put it on the card. It stuck too fast, before I was ready. I couldn't get it up and it got all crinkled. GRRRR.  Maybe the person who gets this card won't be too critical of it.  You can barely see the snowflake (that's a semi-new stamp, too~ I got it a long time ago but this is the first time I've used it..); I used embossing powder & pigment ink.  And a pigment pen (one side is calligraphy) to write "hello". Also with embossing powder. And foamies, a button, a sticky gem, ribbon...   I have enough of the papers to do another one of these. (Or two or more..)  I'm trying to get stocked up for January's card swap.  I don't know if I will use either of these cards for it though. Maybe the bear one.  I like just simple "hello" cards.

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Paula said...

I need a favor . . can you taie a closer pix of the bear . . he looks so cute I want to see him better.