Thursday, December 09, 2010

I Am Crocheting a Snuggie... (Sigh...)

I started one of these last November (the only reason I know that is because I put it on my Ravelry page). I vaguely remember ripping it out and using the yarn for something else. But for some reason (probably because my 8 year old keeps reminding me that he wants a "Suggie"; "Which I am supposed to be crocheting him.."  :/   He isn't demanding for an 8 year old, is he?  I figured, in another year he probably won't want one, so...  I will crochet it for him.   I'm doing it in HDC's instead of DC's though, since it looked too loose.  I'll try to find the link to this pattern as soon as I can.
Well I should head off to bed. I've had a headache all day that won't go away even with Tylenol. Tomorrow is my first "official" day of volunteering at my son's school. I was supposed to do it last week, but he was sick. (But, I technically did do it last week, the day before. So...)  Wish me luck.  :/  (It won't be bad at all, I just dread everything the month/week/night before..) 

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Mimi said...

It doesn't get too cold here for a snuggie, but I imagine its very nice and cozy for the colder regions.
I hope you get well soon, and find out what caused the headache. I seldom get migraine headache but for me its a combination of too much work, lack of sleep and maybe too much junk foods :p