Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Slippers...

Are you getting sick of slippers yet? You would think I would be sick of making them by now; and completely burnt out from them.... Surpisingly, I'm not.   Although, I think I may be getting close.  All these are going to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It's not a "Challenge" or anything, it's just something I am doing on my own.  I have squares (the burgundy/pink/yellow) enough for two more pairs of slippers, just like these.  These turned out too big for my feet, so they are probably a size 8?

These are ones I tried to make like the ones her cousin bought/brought from Georgia. The pink is not bright enough, though; I don't think. I still think they are different and cool looking. I didn't do the extra sc around the edges on these and they fit my feet perfect (I wear a 7 if you are wondering.. :P). So I'll have to remember that for future reference.

These, I actually started for Eon. He wanted a pair in red, blue, and yellow. I said "Superman colors?" and he said "No, I just want them red, blue and yellow..."   ;P   They look dark here. I used royal blue, plain old red, and bright yellow.  I used an F hook, and skipped the extra sc on the edge again. They're too small. Grr.  So, I will have to do some with a G hook I guess..  So, I'll send these to Pine Ridge... :)   All these slippers are the Granny Square Slipper pattern at the Purl Bee. :)


Paula said...

okay . . .I finally give in . . . where is the pattern so I have an idea of how big to make them for the recipients.

Tina said...

Here is the url Paula: http://www.purlbee.com/granny-square-slippers/

I'll add it to my blog post too.