Friday, November 12, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

I am still here...  And I have proof. :P  Lots of pictures..  It seems like I haven't blogged in forever. But I guess it's only been a few days.  This is my 3SUB progress..  It's 39 inches wide now. I still have no idea who it will be for.  Or what color I should do next..

And, another hot pad I finished yesterday. Actually, started and finished yesterday.  It's called "Pine Tree Hot Pad". It's in an out of print magazine called "Crafting Traditions".  I had never made one of these.  This will go to LuAnne for the CFAC webstore. All the proceeds go to the Propand Fund to help heat different families homes in the winter.

I made these for the store, too. Turkey coasters.  LOTS of ends to weave in. But cute. Pattern: Gobble Coasters

And, a slipper. :P  I have all the ends wove in and the pom-pom sewn on this. Just need to do the second one. I'll probably send this to PR, too..

And, more cards. This one I already sent in the mail. Pretty simple but I like it. It was in one of my card making magazines. I can't seem to find it now.  You can see some of the mess on my table in the next picture, so... That's why... :/ (I swear I had the whole table cleaned off a week ago!!~ I need a craft room!...)

This is a card I am in the process of making (it is in a card making magazine somewhere... I took a picture of it in the store~ shhhh!...).  This is how it will be layed out. I don't have all the tools (story of my life~ lol, but really~ How many new expensive $20 tools do you need to buy to "save money" making your own cards?.. It's getting ridiculous..)  Okay anyway, I don't have a stencil or hole puncher thingy to do an oval with. And, I need three different sizes to do it the way in the picture (I mean, magazine..).  So I had the brown punch out already. Then I traced around a Batman magnet we have. :P And used my Fiskar scissors. But...  It's not perfect. :(  And, I still need another white oval to go in the brown one w/ a saying on it. The one in the magazine says "You're the cream in my coffee". But, I don't have that stamp, either. So I will try to figure something else out.   I have another card that is in the works. But I couldn't find the picture on my puter...  It's with this. (Second picture down.)  I just glued that part (all trimmed and square-ish) to a card.  I have no idea what else to do with it though.. I will try and find the picture and post it here. Maybe some of you have some ideas? :D
I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.   


Paula said...

When you read this . . you must be playingthe "Twilight ZOne" theme through your mind . . . .do do do do do do do do (that's as close as I can get.)
. I was going through some patterns that showed up in a picnic basket I had sitting in the living room . . it also was full of 12" x 12" squares

Anyway . . one of the patterns was the Turkey Coasters!

"Deja Vu All over again," as Yogi Berra is credited with saying.

\0/ paulaa

Tina said...

Ha ha!! That is weird.. I feel another weird dream coming up soon.. ;P