Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Coffee Cup Card

Well, I did buy a new expensive tool to make cards with... The scalloped oval punch. I got a 10% off coupon from JoAnns. But you could only use it online. (By the time I paid for shipping, I wonder if it was even worth it?... Sigh. Oh well.)  I couldn't find any other size scalloped oval punch. The brown is supposed to be scalloped, just a quarter inch or so smaller than the white. Oh. Well!!  I just cut one out by hand. You can tell, I know. I wanted to glue something, rick rack or something. Around the edge of the brown to "hide" my uneven edges...  Oh well. I am sending this one to my friend; and I don't think she will immediately text me and say "Your edges are uneven on the brown oval on your card. How could you even send that to me like that?!!"  :P     The middle white oval was a punch out from a package of punch outs I got. (A book, really; assorted colors...)  I am grounding myself from spending any more money on card making stuff!! Unless it's a one dollar stamp; or something from the dollar store.  lol   (The tan flowers on this card are from there.)  We (my friend I am sending this card to, and I) used to make cards together sometimes. (Or crochet.)   :(((    I got the idea for this card from a magazine in Walmart. I think I posted about it a couple posts back.   :)    Well that's all the crafty news for today. I ordered Red Heart yarn (can you believe it?). I could not find "Cornmeal" anywhere. I went all the way to JoAnns and they didn't have it. Went to the Walmart in another town, they didn't have it... Sheesh. So, I just ordered it online. (To finish my slippers. Okay, well I never posted about those yet. But I thought I did. I guess I can save that for a different post. Give me something to blog about lol....)  Well that's about it. I guess I'm going to go see if my glue is done drying on my card yet...    ~~** Have a Great Week!!**~~   :D

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