Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally Catching My Breath...

This has been a kinda crazy week. I don't really know why. We just had two half days & conferences at our two youngest son's schools. Tuesday the elementary schooler had a half day, and his conference was only a half hour later so that wasn't too bad. Then Wednesday was the middle schooler.  It just messed me up somehow.  But... I still managed to finish an afghan. lol  Not all in one day though. :P  I actually started this in December of 2009. It's for a teenaged girl I send things to ("sponsor"?) on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  I think she's 15.  I took this picture last night,; so the picture is kinda dark.

Here's a little better one. It's the "Pressed Flowers" pattern by Kelly Robinson. From "The Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans".  This is the second one I have done. I really like this pattern; and I want to start another one, but I know I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaally don't need to..    :/    My only rules with this afghan, were: no black or white. But, I did use "Aran Fleck" for a couple rows.   I want to do one with "no rules". Whatever color next...  A total scrapghan.  

I bought some fabric today at Walmart. I got some pretty cool fabric for $2 a yard. It's yellow/green and has coffee cups and "Mellow Out" and what looks like marshmallows (so maybe they are hot chocolate cups?). I thought it was cute.  And,  I got some fabric to make my 8 year old some pajama pants, (orange w/ basketballs & stuff) for  $3.97 a yard.  :0  I can't believe I bought that. But still, I bought 2 yards... so... that will be less than $8 for a pair of pants. Which is still pretty expensive for me. But maybe I will have enough to do more than just the pants with it. Which will bring the cost down more.  They have hardly nothing cool in the $1.50 a yard section for pajama pants..  They did have some material I would have been able to use, but it was so ugly (for pajama pants).  Oh well.  My husband is going to ban me from going shopping alone...  :/      Today was "Pajama & bring a stuffed animal to school Day" for the 8 year old.  :D  He just wore a white t-shirt and his pajama pants. And a big white teddy bear.  So much fun. I want to be a kid again, and have pajama day at school.. :P   I just wonder if most of the kids are wearing the pajamas they slept in? (Eeeeeewwww....) :P

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Mimi said...

Hi Tina, the blanket looks so lively! The recipient will love it ;)

I know what you mean about those school conferences, it seem to take up most of the day with me too. Just glad I'm over and done with it :p

I also have a problem with shopping for materials - so I seldom go out just to look. I'd never guess what I'd be coming home with...