Thursday, November 03, 2005

What the heck is up with blogger lately? I can't post any pictures, anyhow. Ughhh....

Well I found a home; loving, I hope, for our last puppy. A retired gentleman and his wife wanted a companion. Stupid me forgot to get his phone number to call him and see how everything was going. (And caller ID battery is dead....) This puppy had a problem with being in his cage too long, and some people might not be able to handle the yelping every morning, first thing. I wanted to see how he is. I miss him... :(( I think I have 'empty nest' syndrome or something. sniff.... Well I hope they love him and are taking good care of him. I am not so worried about the other two; I did call the people who took them, and checked up on them a couple of times and they seem to be happy with their puppies. Well.... I guess if there's a problem, he'll call. Every time the phone rings, I think, 'Oh, maybe that's him!'

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Karla said...

That's hard, giving up puppies. I can imagine your "empty nest" syndrome. Hugs!

Hey, if you see more of those cards at Michael's for $1, you'd better pick up extra ones for me! I can't believe you got them that cheap! I love them! I'll, of course, pay you back!

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)