Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Look What my Secret Pal sent me!

Now this is my secret (to her) pal, not Peekaboo. I got this in the mail yesterday. Isn't it cute? She also sent a little black cauldron with a face on it, and a towel she had started which I think will use for a runner on the table in the living room. What an unexpected but nice surprise! Thank you, Mimi! ....Okay for some reason the picture will not post. Hmmm... I guess I will try tomorrow or something. It is a cute little pumpkin with a lid, to put things inside. I love it.

Well only three weeks (and one day) until we move. I am trying not to get stressed out about it. A lot has happened that I'm happy about with the whole thing, though.


Mimi said...

Ur welcome, Tina! I was quite in a hurry and short of cash (for postage) so I wasnt able to send as much as I want to...
When you have settled down in your new home promise you will keep in touch, ok? I'll not have any swaps too for winter, but this Autumn SP and falling yarn swaps have been well worth it!

Tina said...

Mimi, I will keep in touch! I'll still have the same email address, so it won't be any problem. I think I am done with swaps for a while, too, until I get settled in and acclimated to the new place, etc... ;)