Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Ruffled Potholder- A WIP

Some pictures finally! YAY!! The top picture is two 'recycled envelopes' I made out of magazine pages. I remember doing this when I was younger. I LOVE this idea! I can see me doing this for a long time.. Well here is one thing I wrote about yesterday, the 'ruffled potholder' I was talking about. This is how it's done, on a 'grid'. You start in the center, and crochet in 'rounds' kind of, wiggling all around until you are back at the beginning. Join, then fasten off. Then start another one. You can use up all your scrap threads (this is why I love this!!) or do a color scheme. I am making this one in sage green and soft yellow to go in my Grandma's kitchen. Last night I started sewing a potholder together to be gifted. That's all I'm saying at this point... So, no pictures until after the person receives it. Which might be a while. I don't even know if she reads my blog at all, but I don't want to take any chances.
Have a Nice Day!