Thursday, September 22, 2005

Here It Is: The Picasso Potholder!!

Yay! I took it all apart last night and resewed it (in between coughing my lungs out.) I think I did it right this time. I wasn't going to sleep well last night if I didn't finish it. Hee hee. Now I have to finish off the ends (I have three needles w/ thread sticking out so I knew where the ends were, in case I had to redo it again.) Then, crochet a backing for it, and sew that on. Then it will be finished. I already have some colors in mind for my next one. This morning I found this dangerously close to the butter. GRRR! The only one who was up before me this morning was my husband.... Who has no appreciation for art. (Obviously!) Just joking around...
Well I better sign off to take the younguns to school. Hee hee (I think this cold has gone to my brain....)
Oops, sorry folks. I forgot to give you a link to this most awesome potholder:
I don't know who invented this pattern, but it really is a work of art. And thank you 'Splynda', :) once again, for sharing this wonderful pattern.


Deneen said...

I love that potholder--it's been on my to do list for ages, just not comfortable enought with the #7 and #10 thread.

Love the colors you chose

Karla said...

That is SO CUTE! Is that a pattern from Crochetville? I saw a post below, so I'll go check it out.

Your comments on those posts are turned off...that thing about wanting to clean lately and LIKING it, and you're wondering what's wrong with you...well, I chuckled when I read that and answered you with "Could you be PREGNANT?" Ha ha! Did you just fall out of your chair? ;-)

Tina said...

Karla, that is exactly what I was thinking! 'I hope I'm not pregnant!' It has passed it only lasted three days. Now I hate it again. Yesterday my husband didn't work (it was raining) and did the dishes, made dinner.... :) hee hee (I do have to say in my defense that I was sick as a dog yesterday coughing my lungs out.)
Yes I found this potholder at Crochetville. Where else? ;)

Deneen- That is why I left the comment that I did on your blog about 'Aunt Flo' (that is your blog isn't it?) hee hee
Working with thread takes a little getting used to. I used size 10 thread for this potholder. If you have good lighting (and concentration) it isn't too hard. The hardest part is the increases to begin. After you reach 14 stitches, it is straight back and forth. Then the sewing it together is kind of a bugger (I am not a good sewer).

Sorry for the word verification thing, I've been getting spam...

Karla said...

I didn't see a link to it on your page but wanted to give it to you here (or to others) if you want to link it. :)

I just now did a search for it online after seeing yours again.