Saturday, September 03, 2005

Well I haven't blogged in a while. I've been kinda 'down' lately, I don't know why. Maybe with everything that's going on with the hurricane. It makes me sick the way people act. Shooting at rescue helicopters, then complaining because no one is coming to get them. ??? Stealing tvs when they don't have anywhere to watch them?? I don't get it. I could see stealing food, especially if you haven't had any for six days, but a tv? When you don't even have any electricity, let alone a house to watch it in? It just makes me sick the way they are acting, instead of helping one another and 'loving your neighbor'. I guess it's too much to expect. Look at the way people drive, or try to run you over with their grocery cart in the store.

I've been crocheting a little. And knitting a little. I finished my dishcloths for the dishcloth swap (a while ago), those are sent in. Now I am working on something else... that I can't talk about, because it is a 'surprise'. It's not the secret pals, although I am working on something for that, too. I have so many new patterns to try, I can't wait. I want to finish everything I am working on, so I can start something new that my secret pal sent me. At the rate I'm going it will be never, though. I have a sweater for my (almost) three year old, an afghan for my FIL, a shawl that I don't even want anymore, still not finished.... (Gift for someone???) An Inspired Lace Scarf, squares to be sewn together... I need to start the Wednesday WIP again, so I can stay on top of things like I used to be. I also have some gorgeous new Lionbrand Microspun yarn my secret pal sent me I want to try.

Well have a Nice Weekend everyone!

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Karla said...

Hey, Tina, you can delete those spam comments in this post you know. Click on that trash can icon underneath the comments and be sure when the next window pulls up that you click the box that reads "delete forever" or something like that. I've been getting these spam comments, too, and I might have to go to the Word Verification in my comment section, like you have.