Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Drive....

Yes, we are Sunday drivers.... (sigh) We have been going for 'drives' forever.... I know, not very good way to save money on gas!!! I always say. But, my husband likes to explore. And it's better than going to spend money at the mall or out to eat... So.... I pack up snacks and get everyone water bottles. Pick what project I am going to bring to work on... And off we go. Yesterday we drove on a back road that we will NEVER go on again. We almost got stuck in the middle of nowhere on this 'road'. (A one-track, with huge rocks and ruts in it, that we almost didn't make it over...) But, we did. :-D My husband just thought he was going to pop one of his tires. We saw some lizards (well, the kids saw some). Chipmunks (?). I saw these cactuses with bird nests in them. How cool is that? I will have to google that... This one was the second one I saw. Then, I don't know how he saw this, but my husband saw this spider in the middle of the road while driving:
He said 'A tarantula!' We all got out (except the 16 yr old--- he HATES spiders...) I didn't get too close, just handed my camera to my husband and said, 'Take a picture'. :P (I didn't want it to jump on me, or anything...) I can barely see it by the rock here, I don't know how my husband saw it from the truck while driving... I just hope we never see one of these in our house!! :0
I finished one slipper yesterday while on our drive. Yay. :) For the slipper swap at CrochetMania. This is the second year I am doing it there. Only me and one other person joined. So we are swappers. I also started one other thing, too; that I am keeping a secret for someone.... Well I suppose I should get busy here. Hope everyone is having a great day. :-D

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