Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Stripey Bear, a Peppermint Bear WIP, and a Foot Scrubbie w/ a wonky toe :P

Well since the weather is finally cooling off here, I must be getting in the mood to make more stripey bears. :P I finished this one last night. It's a little bit different from the other two girl bears I have done. Not much, though. And, I started a Peppermint, or Candy Cane bear. I just love making the peppermint ones...
I was trying to find other stripey bears online last night. And I found someone else who did a Candy Cane bear, on Etsy! How cool is that? I like hers, too.

And, my 'wonky toed' foot scrubbie. :P Mimi let me test all her tawashi scrubby patterns. I just haven't done the hand, yet. I am saving this one for myself. (Uh, it was actually already used once, in this picture... lol) I will make another one, though. Hopefully w/ no crooked toe. ;P
I have one other thing finished, too. But I can't post a picture here as it is for a swap and I don't want to spoil the surprise.... (I doubt if she reads my blog, but...) Have a great day everyone.

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