Friday, October 24, 2008

Slipper Swap Package!

My slipper swap package came in the mail today. My first package or mail of any kind at our new house. (Yay!) And look at all the awesome things she sent me. I feel so guilty now. TWO pairs of slippers! One Mary Janes, and one that go up to your ankles w/a cool button on the back. Two huge skeins of Red Heart Strata!! I have never tried this yarn. It feels so yummy. And another skein I think of Lion Magic Stripes (?) yarn, which also feels yummy too. :P And a wooden crochet hook-- :0!!!!!---- I have never had one of these, I can't wait to use it! That's not all.... She also sent me the cutest little heart shaped stitch marker. And the cutest little cat card that says something like 'Too much caffeine' :P lol Thank you SOOOO much for everything, Miss Kitty I love it all so much! I don't know what to make with all the new yummy yarn. It will have to be something special, that's for sure.

While I was at the new house (new to us), and getting ready to leave, I went around the front to make sure the front door was locked. When I went into the front yard, I saw the strangest looking bird! It had feather like fluff on the top of it's head. It reminded me of a skinny (super skinny) rooster. I think it was a road runner!! I googled 'road runner images, NV', and I am pretty sure it was something like this one! HOW COOL IS THAT??!!! I am so excited. Two days ago, we saw a huge rabbit that looked like a baby wallaby, it's legs were so long. Some lizards (and spiders-- which I wish we would NOT see...) But this has to be the coolest one yet (in our yard, anyway...) We have heard there are coyotes there, too.

Well have a nice day everyone. :)

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