Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eon Got an RAOK! All the Way from Australia! :-D

Lookie. :P This is from Essie (a dear lady from CFAC who was concerned about him breaking his arm, and wanted to send him something to cheer him up.) He loves the little koalas and kangaroos! I don't think Essie knew, but he has loved keychains since he was little. On his backpack, on a keychain ring... We gave him some old keys, and he has a big keychain ring that would make even a teenage girl be shamed. ;P Now he has a koala and a kangaroo on there, too. :-D Thank you so much for thinking of our son, Essie. *Hugs*!!!
He has also gotten some cards. This is one of them.... 'These are Special Balloons...' (Or something to that effect).... (inside) 'They are filled with 'heal-ium'.... :P From some friends of ours. He also got a card (and four dollars!!) from my Grandma (his Great-Grandma), which must be put away somewhere now, since I can't find it... I find it somewhat depressing that she and my Mom (his Grandma) are the only Grandparents who called, or sent a card for him. (I happen to know that my Mom is sending him/us a big box full of goodies). I called my Dad the other weekend, (I don't know why....) ....he hadn't bothered to call us. I don't know if I am just feeling sorry for myself, or if I have reason to.... So it meant a lot to me, to get that package from Essie. Anyway..... Moving on to other things....
Take a look at a couple of our 11 year olds' latest drawings!! Yesterday we got a 'How to Draw Transformers' book at the library. And this is two of them (I think he has done more, too....)

Optimus Prime

He drew one for his little brother to color in, too. I have a feeling I am going to have to help him draw some more, since his brother is already tired of drawing him pictures..... (Sigh....)


Mimi said...

That is sweet...I can just imagine the big smile on Eon's face :)
The keychains are so cute!]
Your son's drawings are very good. My sons used to draw robots too.

Tina said...

I think his drawings are good, too. But I thought it was just cuz I'm his Mom. ;P Thanks, Mimi. :)