Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can I Cry Now? :(

Our six year old broke his arm on Tuesday night. :( The day he turned six years old. (What a way to remember turning six!) He was spinning around on the computer chair, and he said he was trying to get off and fell. It was horrible. His arm looked crippled, it was really bent (if you can't tell from the x-ray!)... I still just want to cry, remembering the whole night. I was so heart sick. But also so glad, that we could take him to the doctor (ER) and they could do such a good job fixing it! (I didn't take a picture of the *after* x-ray, but it is as close as you could get.) The one bone went right back together. The second bone is just a hair off. He said he thinks it is because of the hematoma (not sure if I'm spelling that right...) and it will go back when the swelling goes down. I hope!! We have an appointment today with the pediatric orthopedic doctor. I suppose they'll take more x-rays, take the splint off and put a cast on. I hope they won't have to do anything drastic. :( (Like surgery.... they kept mentioning the possibility of surgery while we were in the ER... until after they saw the x-rays and the after x-rays....) He has been SO brave, and so tough; though! I am so surprised. The nurses kept saying (he had two different nurses because of a shift change when we went in) to him, 'You are so brave!'. Then, to me, 'Most kids-- most ADULTS, even-- aren't this brave!' I don't know if it was because he was in shock, or what. After he came out of the sedation (they put him to 'sleep', when they ?? pulled his arm back out straight), he started to freak out a little bit. That was really the only time he cried (he didn't even really cry, just the pouter lip...) except for like two minutes when he first did it! He is such a tough little guy. Our oldest son broke his arm when he was about seven (he was in first grade, so maybe he was still six...) but nowhere near this bad! It was the bone on his elbow, actually. And a hair line fracture. It swelled up and bruised right away. I can't believe it, but his arm hasn't swelled up at all! Maybe because we put ice on it right away? Well. I'll keep you all posted.... :(


Lucy said...

OMG...poor little thing!!! Just give him lots and lots of hugs!

Mimi said...

Oh, that is quite serious...but I'm glad to know he got the proper medical care immediately.
He's brave, and so were you. Hope he gets well soon!

Tina said...

Thank you Lucy and Mimi. I don't feel so brave. :( But I'm trying. :) It means a lot to me, thank you. :)