Monday, September 29, 2008

Wild Horses.... And Crochet....

Well, I'm still here.... And still crocheting. I was almost finished with the September Challenge at CFAC, baby items... But, yesterday we went for a drive and even though I brought the hat in the picture above to work on.... I ran out of the light blue yarn. AAAARRGGHHH! As you can see, it's finished. (I got some more yarn later.) Well meanwhile we are on a mountain pass, so I started a pair of booties in the same magazine. For the challenge. I am almost done with the second pair. Then I'll have to make a hat to go with them.... (sigh...) When we had to turn around (a gate/'No Trespassing' sign), we decided to go into town nearby and go to WalMart (where I got another skein of yarn to finish this set). It's for my nephew. Who is due a week from Wednesday!!! YIKES!!! I barely finished this in time, eh? I mailed it out Priority this morning. Hopefully it will get there before he is born. (There's also a newborn sweater set in there.) You know how fast they grow. Mine hardly stayed in newborn clothes for even one week. Well, mine were born big, so.... Anyway~~~ I got my 2009 Crochet-Pattern-A-Day Calendar last week, see? :D
I want to make something in there so bad. I don't know what. :( Just something!!

Guess what we saw on our 'drive' yesterday? (Title give you a hint?) Wild horses!! My husband got out of the truck and tried to get closer to it to take a picture. (The original one I took, even zoomed in, was blurry and not very good...) He walked slowly to try and get a better picture. (And I think, to see if he could touch it.... Which, I'm glad he couldn't... It was too wary of him, and kept walking away slowly, the closer he would try to get...)
Isn't he (or she?) cute!? The fur looked kind of ratty like he had been bitten or something.... :(

My husband came back to the truck and got my apple (I brought a couple along with us in case I got hungry.... or the kids did....) He tried to hold the apple out to the horse, to see if it would come to him. But it wouldn't. I wonder what they do eat. There isn't much grass to eat, as you can see... Well maybe it will give the kids and I something to look up for homeschooling. :P It was really cool seeing wild horses. I don't think I have ever seen any. There was a whole pack/herd on the other side of the road, too. Brown ones, and a dark grey/black (?) one. (It was far away...) Well I just thought I'd share that with you all. Have a Great Day! :)


Mimi said...

Glad you finished the baby set, Tina...I think it would make the new mom happy too :)
I am also so curious of wild horses, it seems very nostalgic to see them.
Quite recently, there's a documentary here, I missed the episode on t.v., but I'm glad i saw it on youtube. They heard there were wild horses on the northern provinces...few people have actually seen them. They said those were the breed left by Americans during the colonial times. Now the t.v. reporters were actually able to catch them on video...but quite far from the camera, since they would soon run away...they're so frightened of humans. The reporter learned that some men there have shot some of the horses :(

Mimi said...

Oh, I'm also wanting to make something from the new crochet calendar. Haven't decided what...just want to be able to say I made it from a pattern in the calendar :p

Tina said...

I was looking through my calender last night to see what I wanted to make. I still haven't decided. So I got out an afghan I need to finish. :P