Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pumpkin Keychain Thingy!!

I like the word 'thingy'. :P I don't know if anyone remembers (or cares to remember-- LOL) the Yo-Yo Keychain Critters I made? Wow that was like almost a year ago.... This morning I was making an orange yo-yo (trying to build up a collection to send to Jana, again), and I said 'No. Way. I am going to make this into a little pumpkin keychain!!' So I did. The pattern is over on my pattern blog. I forgot I put the link to my pattern blog in my sidebar, but it is on the very bottom so I don't know if anyone can really see it down there. :P Well have a good day everyone. I'm going to go lay back down til this flu is gone..... :(

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