Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Catching Up...

It seems like I never get to go on the computer anymore lately... I haven't blogged in a while. We did get a new computer, I don't know if I said that in my last post... The kids seem to be more addicted to the computer than me, lately. Anyway~ I got an RAOK!! :D I couldn't believe it. I thought it was something else I was expecting (a square, for the Square A Month Swap at Crochetmania...) But then I looked at the package, and it said 'Crochetville RAOK'!! Woo Hoo! I said 'I got an RAOK!' to my son (he brought the mail upstairs). He said 'What's so big about an RAOK?' I said 'It's like a present, you weren't expecting'. :P From Amyjk at Crochetville. Thank you so much, Amy. You don't know how you brightened my day. I have been kind of depressed lately. I don't know why. I have nothing to be depressed about. I think it is hormones, to tell you the truth... Anyway I didn't mean to get off track, there... Amy sent me notecards, envelopes, a journal, two pens, stickers (yay!), and a bag of my favorite candy, Werthers!!
A picture of the stickers (FIVE pages of them!)~~ Thank you again, Amy.

This is a chicken hotpad I just bought on ebay. I saw it through Crochetville, had to buy one. You can find more chickens (and other cute potholders, too) here. Then I bought this pattern book, which has a pattern for one that is very similar. I made one, but it's in the closet and hubby's asleep right now... I am not going to be using this one for a hotpad, I want to get a couple little hanging hooks to hang on the side of the fridge to 'display' them.. :P

And here is a bag I am working on for our five year old.... (oi) It's Diego. I am glad this side is done. I have been feeling SOOOO ADD lately. Scatterbrained, can't concentrate, can only 'take' so much, then want to stop (crocheting)...... I just need to get some graph paper or 'make' my own, to graph out the other side to say 'Eon's bag'. I asked him, 'What do you want the other side to say, Eon?' 'I'm cute' :0 (He IS cute, but wow. That was funny and also one of those, 'hmmm' moments....) I said "What about 'Eon's bag'?" 'Just Eon'. I finally talked him into having it say 'Eon's bag'.... (Any other suggestions?) Eon is pronounced like 'Ian', by the way... :P Anyway, I made a Dora bag a while ago (in case you aren't sick to death of hearing about my Dora bag....) :P So, I thought, 'I should make a 'Diego' bag, too!' Thanks to Mary Jo, I was able to do one. Thanks so much, again; Mary Jo (and John, too!) :)

And last but definitely not least.... I got some more squares. :) This one came today, from Dragonflymom. They look kind of like little spiderwebs, don't they? I like it, it's kind of lacy but not too holey, either. Thank you Aurora!

And this one, from StitchnLocks, I can't remember what day it came (sometime in between today and the last time I blogged?) ;P Thanks so much, Aminah! I really like this one, too. (Well I like them all, but...) :P I like how the stripe pattern goes. And it is ALL the colors I posted; I think. Anyway, it's great and thanks again. :)

And this one came from Libilou! I know this one, it's Waldo's Puzzle. (Not sure about the other two, though...) I have done this one before, in green. For a comfortghan. I don't think I have a picture for it. Hmm.... Well, it's called Waldo's Puzzle, I think I found it on either Heartmade Blessings or CPC. Oh, by the way, Kathy, if you read my blog again.... I tried to leave a comment but apparently it didn't work so I will just post it here.... I am not sure what all the squares were, in my last post. I know the one on the top (the brown and red one) is 'Kingcup', and is from the 200 Crochet Blocks book. The other two might be found on either of the two sites I just mentioned (CPC and HMB). :) Hope that helps. I hope everyone is having a nice week, wherever you are. :) Oh and thank you for the stickers, too; Libilou! I have already used two or three of them writing letters. Thanks so much to everyone.


Lucy said...

That bag is awesome!!!!! Hope you feel better soon...Spring will help!

Tina said...

Hi Lucy! Well it's been Spring here, I don't think it is the weather. (Except that does make my allergies worse...) :P I think it is a 'woman' thing (ahem). Hee hee... ;) Thanks, though.

Mimi said...

Hope you are feeling "up" now Tina. I too had been down a bit, and its because of the hot weather :p
You did a good job on the Diego tapestry. I love your squares too.
And I'm so glad someone sent you a gift, that's good karma for you ;)

Vik said...

I love the chicken hotpad! So cute!

The 200 Crochet Blocks is my favorite book.

Tina said...

Thanks, Mimi and Vik! I like the chicken hotpad, too. :D I have been going chicken crazy lately. I made one from the book and it is slightly smaller than the one I bought from ebay. It is still cute though.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are all having a good week. :)