Saturday, March 02, 2013

I'm Still Here..

... See? I am crocheting, too. Even though I have been neglecting my blog. This is a dress and headband I finished. It's becoming an obssession with me to crochet dresses lately. I don't know why, when I am surrounded by boys/men! Maybe that is why. Lol. I made another set about a year ago, almost. I just love how this one worked up. It's "Peruvian Print" by Red Heart. I wanted to get a pair of leggings, or tights, to go with it. I did get a pair of leggings for the other dress (linked), but I couldn't find any in an 18 month size to go with this dress. I'm sending this to Pine Ridge. I have also finished (and bought a package of tights to go with) another dress, in a 0-3 month size. The Angel Wings Pinafore, which is so similar to this pattern. I just need to sew the buttons on that, and take a picture...  I don't know if I will have enough yarn to make a matching headband for that one. I don't have much yarn left of that color and I was using stash yarn that someone gave me. (6th picture down.. Lol) Sooo...  

..Anyway. Here's another picture you can see a little more clearly. The dress pattern is the Girl's Lace Pinafore by Bernat. That was the Ravelry link .. Sigh... Hopefully this link will work to the actual pdf?:    Girls Lace Pinafore   If not, you can go to the Bernat site and do a search. :)The headband pattern is the Genius Headband pattern (free Ravelry download), with the flower from this pattern.  I don't know why I did that (combine two patterns); but that's me so.. :P

Oh, and I have been knitting, too. :D  A knitted "vest" I finished for Knit-A-Square. It looks more like a tank top to me, but..  I did it for the February Pattern of the Month, along with the car and plane squares I finished. 

And, a slipper (it's the Ruby's Slipper pattern) I am going to attempt to try and make into a pink bunny slipper? I don't know if it will work... Maybe I will just end up with some all pink slippers. Yesterday I went to Walmart to get another skein of the pink yarn, and some Banquet chicken fingers dinners, because Eli ate the last one that Eon wanted. :( That was all I bought. Two dinners, one skein of yarn. I got all the way home and in the house and realized I didn't have the yarn. GRRRRR!!! I guess it's just as much my fault as it is the cashiers, but... So irritating. So I went all the way back to get it (again).

And here is a picture of an afghan I have been working on (The Eye Dazzler afghan pattern-from Annie's Attic- a scrap yarn pattern club I was in before). It's just kind of on the couch and I work on it when I watch tv... Jetta thinks it is hers. :/ I keep trying to get her off of it, but she will get in the weirdest positions just to "claim" it. Strange dog... Lol  I will definitely be washing it, before I send it. I had to do that with Evan's afghan, too. (She tried claiming that, too.. Last picture in that post.)


paula said...

I think someone needs to make Jetta her own blanket :)

Poor ingnored puppy . . LOLOL

Mimi said...

Nice to see you crocheting as usual Tina :)
Cute dress set! I'd love to see it modeled ;)

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi and Paula. I am sending the little dress to Pine Ridge, Mimi. So I don't think I will get a picture of it modeled.. Paula, Jetta does have her own blanket (and pillow!!). Besides her big doggy bed, in her kennel. She is just spoiled rotten and thinks she's the Queen. ;P