Thursday, March 07, 2013

Newborn Pinafore

This has been done being crocheted for a while, I just needed to sew some buttons on the back. I bought some little tights to send with it, too. I wanted to crochet some little Mary Janes, or a headband to go with it. But I didn't even have enough for a headband. So..  I crocheted a little flower to put onto a barrette. Then I had enough to do another one, so I sewed that on to the front of the dress. I should send these all out so they can be there in time for Easter, maybe, huh? :)  The pattern is the Angel Wings Pinafore pattern. I was doing a search on Ravelry, and all the cutest little dresses IMO were that pattern. :)   


paula said...

Angel Wings is one of my favorite patterns. It is quick and easy yet turns out adorable no matter the yarn or yarn combinations.

Mindy said...

This is so cute!