Sunday, March 03, 2013


I tried a couple new recipes. Actually, one yesterday; and one today. I have been wanting to make/try some Kerapok Lekor for a while now. One of my pen pals wrote to me about it and said it is her favorite. I was literally talking to the letter as I was reading it.. "Oh, that sounds good. I want to try it."  Lol  So, I googled it. I found a couple blogs with recipes, but 1. I could not find Mackerel ANYWHERE. 2. I could not find Tapioca Flour anywhere, either.  Then, I found an "American Version". Woo Hoo! I had a little bit of a problem getting it to all stick together in order to make a log to cut. I even put more tuna fish in. (Two of the little tuna pouches that are 2.6 ounces, each; so total 5.2 ounces of tuna fish, I used?) It still wouldn't all clump together. So... I took it all out and put it back in the bowl, and added one egg. So... I probably totally changed the whole recipe. But..   

Here is the little patties before frying..  

..and after. Mine don't look anything like hers. :/ But, they did taste good. :)  

I couldn't find any chili sauce that looked good to me. (I do not like hot sauce, anyway.)  So... I got some Chipolte Sauce. Lol.  I thought they were pretty good.  Here is a blog with Keropok Lekor made with Mackerel and Tapioca Flour. Here is the blog with the American Version, that I tried. 

And here is the new recipe I tried for breakfast this morning. Mini German Pancakes, with Triple Berry Sauce. Hers look so much prettier. :(  I think she used a special pan. I just used muffin tins. (Which is what the recipe said to do..) They are yummy. A little time consuming, if you make the Triple Berry Sauce.  The link for that is on her blog, too. My computer must be having issues, because every time I tried to click on her link, it wouldn't work. But then I did a google search for Triple Berry Sauce, and her blog (with the original link that I tried to click on) came up.  Weird..  Anyway, if you do make these- I didn't take the one pan out right at fifteen minutes, and they did get a little over done. They will still look "liquid-y" on top, but don't let that fool you. They also fall a little after you take them out. I opened the oven and was like "What? How am I going to put the berry sauce in those?"..  Lol  But they do fall a little to make little "cups".  :)

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Cik Seri Sue said...

if only i can send you some... :( but you did a great job on it ... as for the fish, you can actually use any fish... we have various of fish for keropok lekor.. mackarel are the most common, but any fish will do... :D