Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It technically isn't until tomorrow, but..  

We usually don't do much for St. Patrick's Day. Unless it's food related. :P  Oh look, this still is food related.. Lol  I just realized that. I always buy these fruit cups. Everyone likes them, and it's not Junk Food. My husband buys chips, the kids always "have" to have pop.  I have been trying to buy things that they will like, that are healthier for everyone (and that I can eat instead of being tempted by the Junk Food). Anyway~~

Eon has been wanting to do Arts and Crafts lately. I asked him what he wanted to make. I got out the bag of his craft supplies. (It was all Christmas stuff, and a few odd ball things. Of course he wants to do Arts and Crafts when I just cleaned out his bag, because he never wants to do them anymore-- I had egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, bread tabs.. You name it.) He asked me what the next holiday is besides Easter. I said St. Patricks Day is this weekend. So then I started Googling St Patricks Day crafts for kids. I saw some pots of gold on Pinterest; and some other cute things.. He liked the pot of gold best. I said "Why don't you look in the recycling stuff, to see if there's anything you could use. There has to be something you could use in there, that we could paint black for a pot.."  (I forgot about the fruit cups-- he always wants to do things when I am tired, a half hour before bed time; or just finally sat down to relax/crochet/knit/check my email..) We didn't have any black paint, though. So yesterday morning I went back to Walmart and got some. (I needed other stuff I forgot to get when I went shopping, too.)

Look how cute his Pot of Gold came out. :) He did it all by himself. He had some four leaf clover coins from last year. He only painted the inside of the cup. (Smart kid!) And used some of the green tinsel and letters from the Christmas Ornament craft we did last year. I am still waiting for him to clean up the mess he made from making this. But..  :P

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