Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Food..

Lol. This is turning into more of a food blog than crochet. I had these pictures on my phone. I posted them on facebook, but not here. These are the homemade gyros I was talking about in my last post. I was craving gyros bad, and when you don't want to drive an hour to the closest Mad Greek Cafe..  You google recipes to see if you can make your own. :D  They weren't really all that hard to make, just a little time consuming. I used this recipe: Ground Beef Gyros. I bought the flatbreads at Walmart next to the Pita breads, by the deli/bakery.. It was pretty good. Not like the "real thing", but.. Close! :) 

I saw this recipe on Pinterest, too. Strawberry Lassi. If you are not on Pinterest, you can find the recipe here: ambrosiabaking Strawberry Lassi. I make smoothies for the kids with frozen bananas and fresh strawberries. My husband was complaining about how "gross" they were; and if it was just strawberry then he would eat it. I said "You can't make just a strawberry smoothie..."  Then I found this recipe, so I made it. It was okay. I wonder if it would be better with frozen strawberries. I still have strawberries; I might make some more of this today. 

I'm pretty sure I never blogged about these, either? Buckeye candies. Another thing I had been craving. Like, for years... Lol  I made these a while ago. I think over Christmas Break.  I don't have the recipe in my sidebar, I must have printed it out. But you can google it. :)

Here is another recipe I have been wanting to try: Breakfast Polenta. One of these weekends.. I bought the Polenta for it. Just need to do it. :)

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