Friday, April 08, 2016

WIPs and FIPs

I was in the mood to blog today. But I didn't have any pictures to post. So... I went and took some. Lol.    I used to crochet (and knit) a lot of squares. For different projects/groups/reasons...  I was in Knit-A-Square. I really liked that. But.... It cost so much to send the squares to Africa. :(  I eventually had to not be a member when my husband got laid off of work...  And, I haven't been on the site where I used to do friendship squares or comfortghan squares..  But I really miss making squares. Strangest thing ever, I know... But, I do.  I don't know why. I think it's because you are just making squares. A small, quick "project", but you are still making a difference.  (Well if its for charity, you are.) And most of what I crochet or knit for, is for Pine Ridge Indian Reservation..   So.  I joined a new Ravelry group for Pine Ridge, making afghan squares.   Called Afghans for Pine Ridge. Well the button says that but then it says "Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge". That's what you do is make squares..   So I remembered this book and got some printed patterns out and looked on Ravelry...   :D  Today is going to be "Square Making Day".  I am all caught up on everything else I "need" to be caught up on... And I've been doing things all week. So today is "Me Day".  And FIPs is "Future In Progress" ??? I don't know, it rhymed with WIPs.. Maybe it should be FWIPs. Future Works In Progress..

Anyway, this is one of my "WIPs"...   I started another C2C baby blanket. This one I actually started while we were still at the apartment.   But I got it out and started working on it again. I don't know if I will send this to the OB Unit or to OST...   The yarn is pretty scratchy.  I can't remember what that variegated is.  I keep thinking "Red Heart Fiesta" or something...    I don't think that's it.  I knitted a pair of socks for myself with it. I will have to look through my projects/blog..  Oh, Red Heart "Strata", that I got through a yarn swap.  I wonder if they even make that yarn anymore?...  Anyway, that was the last of it. I have been trying to use up my "stash"..   

I got two more squares done on my mitered squares blanket. :)

This is the second strip of my Scrap Strips blanket for OST...   I love working on this one. It's just no thinking, only crocheting. Using whatever is left...   I found a bag with a bunch of scraps with my rag rug in it. (Fifth picture down.)  I took the rug out, and used them for this.

Duke things he's the King...   At least he's "kind of" on the blanket..   The dogs are ruining the couch.  And the blanket.

Going to start some squares...:D

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paula said...

Sending you an email with an attachment. It is a printable sheet with cards that you fill out and attach to your WIPS so you know, at a later date, just what you were using :)