Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dishcloths and Drives...

We went for a walk (it turned out being more of a massive hike than a walk) this weekend.  I wanted to bring a "Car Project" (even though technically we were in the truck).  I thought "dishcloth", then "four corners".  I love that dishcloth it is my favorite. So I went and got my pattern and needles and yarn..   (It's about an hour drive to where we went).   Realized it has the invisible (also called provisional) cast-on.   Sigh....   I forgot how to do that. So. I cheated and just did a regular cast on. I love this cotton.  I don't remember where I got it. Probably Hobby Lobby in Tennessee.    Anyway that's why I have those pants on, for walking..

Then, I finished it.  :D  It's for the Kitchen Elders Project (I forget what it's actually called), in a group I'm in on Ravelry.  I used to make spiral scrubbies to go with these. But...  I made myself one once. And they don't really "scrub" very well. And, they stink after a couple uses. So you either have to run them through the dishwasher, or wash them with laundry.  But they don't really scrub well.

This is where we went to walk, it is SO pretty there..  I wish these were scratch n' sniff pictures because it smells sooo nice there, too. Like woodsy and flowers...

Some wildflowers...   I don't know what these are but I see them everywhere. On the sides of roads, all over. I googled them and what I found that looked like these was called Wild Scotch Broom?  I don't know if that's what it is or not. I think it's so pretty.

Another wild flower..

And these.  :)

A picture of the reservoir..

Another shot..

It's so peaceful (when there aren't a thousand screaming kids there)..

A little waterfall we found (we turned around here). We ended up hiking (and it was a hike) for an hour.  Lots of people walking their dogs there. One was such a sweetheart. She was 11 years old and out of breath, but she was so sweet! I loved her.  I wanted to take her home with me. (Duke and Jetta wouldn't like that probably..)

We've been driving to different places, to walk.  We went to another park on Tuesday and walked. This one was just a walk, and only a half an hour.  I should just walk here. But...  There's a lot of traffic.  A lot of people do walk here though.

I also started another four corners dishcloth for ME.  :D  I love this dishcloth and thought, "I'm going to make myself one."  I googled youtube videos for provisional cast on and did it for this one.

I finished it today.  I got the cotton specifically for my kitchen. I will tell you why... 

My kitchen was always "red" and "roosters" (used to be apples; too, but now it's just roosters).  Well we moved so much, and have had so many different counter tops, and kitchens..  Now we have the worst kitchen counter tops of all. Blue.   Ugh...  How do you make "red" and "rooster" go with blue? (Unless you get blue rooster stuff.. But all mine is red.)  So I was looking at dishcloth cotton; and saw this one and thought, "That might just work.."  It has blue in it, it has like a burnt orange, yellow...

It kind of ties everything together.  :P   Oh well. I love my new dishcloth anyway. I can't wait to wash dishes with it.  And to make some more. But I need more variegated dishcloth cotton.  Maybe I'll do a "picture" cloth meanwhile..  I am almost done with the teddy bear pillow, too. I just have the nose to crochet, then sew everything together..

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Mimi said...

I love your new dishcloth Tina! Nice looks good on your kitchen, and with the roosters too ;)

Love the wildflowers, and the beauty of nature!