Tuesday, April 05, 2016

My Yarn Came In The Mail!!

FINALLY!!!! I started a baby blanket, a long time ago - I don't even know when; but I was going to send it last month to the OB Unit. (I posted about the yarn on March 7th. So that's when I got it or shortly before that.) But, I ran out of yarn. And the store I got it from didn't have any more. I told the cashier, and they ordered more. But...  I went in every week, still no more. Sooo...   I went online, and ordered some.  Well it was shipped on the 18th of March. And was only supposed to take 7 business days to get here.  Pshhh...   19 days later; I finally got it. Okay I don't know how many "business" days that is. But I call it ridiculous.    Anyway, I finally got it today. So I can finish the baby blanket.   

Isn't it weird how much brighter the blanket is, than the actual skeins?  I should go into that store, to see if they have any more of this yarn. I bet they have it now.  (Grrr..)  Lol.  I am more than halfway done; and it's taken me five skeins so far. So five more should be enough. (It better be!!!)  I kind of like this color. I just got it because I wanted a variegated "baby" yarn to make a blanket with...  And this was about the only one they had that I liked.  Well it's kind of really growing on me, and I really like it.   I keep thinking "Tutti Fruity" but it is called "Tropical Fruits".   It's Red Heart Classic. Which isn't a yarn you see everywhere.  And I've only been able to find it at that one store. Not even JoAnns or Michaels has it, here. But JoAnns does have it online.

Duke has a boo boo. If you get grossed out by pictures of cuts or gross things, don't read any further. It isn't "that" gross, but..

I was petting him the other day, and started scratching him. He likes scratchies. :P  And I felt a bumpy spot. Then I made him stay, and looked under his fur.  It was all black and with a white-ish bump?  I don't know how else to describe it.. I immediately thought it was a tick. So, I put his flea and tick meds on right then. (I had been meaning to do it anyway.)  I don't know if that's what it was.  I tried to clean it up and it doesn't seem so bad now. (Which makes me think it was dried blood.) I need to look at it again.  I have to pin him down and force him to let me look..   I would take him to the vet. But...  We don't have any money for it right now.  So hopefully the flea and tick meds work.  My husband sprayed the yard with stuff to repel fleas and ticks, too.  Weird...   My husband said Jetta probably did it.  :P  Who knows...

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paula said...

Indy gets fatty bumps and ting that look like pimples all the time. Most of the time I don't find the pimply things unless I'm scratching her and open one.

She is good, though. When the fatty ones open, I need to get her an antibiotic shot and then two or three times a day she jumps up on the sofa, lays on the opposite side of her ore and I put a warm compress on it (wet washrag heated in the microwave) for 10 - 15 minutes. She just lays there and, I think, enjoys it. When I'm done, I have to put a triple antibiotic cream on it. Dr says I have to keep the sore open so it will heal from the inside out, thus the heat to open it up and the ointment to keep it from getting an infection.

Thanks for the pickle jar info. We will probably make a Target run this weekend . . gene goes in for his weekly visit Wed which usually turns into most of the day. Then I go in for a C&C on Thursday at noon so that blows Thursday,