Thursday, April 07, 2016

An F.O., And Food.

Can you guess the Sesame Street Letter of the Day?... : P  (It's F..)   I posted that my yarn came. And I have since then, finished the blanket. I knew it wouldn't take long, once I got my yarn!  I love this blankie.  I want to keep it. :D  It is so much softer than regular Red Heart.  

This picture is a little more true to what the actual colors look like in RL (Real Life)...   I have one + a few yards of a skein left, and going to try to eek a sweater set out of it.  I will go to the store I got this yarn from originally, and see if they got more of it in yet. If not, I will just use what I have..  I started the Patty Cake Cardi  last night. 

And, here we go on the "Food" part of my post..  I had been wanting forever to try homemade Pop-Tarts.  "Oh it would be just like making a pie.."   No. Making a pie is easier. Making a whole batch of cookies is easier...   You don't just make up pie dough, roll it out, put jam in the middle and bake it...   It's a lot of steps.  This was the recipe I used.  "Easy Homemade Poptarts"  IMO they are not "easy"... Just saying.

But, since I started them; I had to finish them.  And I have to say, I probably won't make them again.  But, I wanted to try them.  And now I have.  :)

We had so much ham left over from Easter. My husband said he wanted to use the ham bones for soup. So.. We did. :)  My husband started the soup. And I finished it..  We didn't even need to add bouillon ,the ham was salty and flavorful enough.  And I am a "die hard" salt fan.  It was so good. Probably because my husband made it. :D

And I made some bread to go with it. I have been craving bread for days.... (Must be craving carbs again, uh oh...)  It's Garlic Cheese Flat Bread. I love that recipe.

My dinner.    I have to tell you everything we have made from the Easter Ham. (I know you are dying to know, right?...)  We had ham on Easter. Then I made a Broccoli Ham "Ring"- I just do a long straight line, I don't do it in a circle/ring..   Then we had this soup. And we still have a big tub of it leftover - I am just going to fry some for dinner tonight. Then we will still probably have some left.  I used to make ham and cheese empanadas.  But the last time I made them; I found out the kids don't really like them. And; since they are a lot of work, I probably won't make those any more...

And, more food..  I made these yesterday. There is ONE left.  Lol. And, I made a double batch. Although I do have to say, this doesn't make many. I think it was three and a half dozen. And that's with the dough rolled into tiny balls. That's why I always double the recipe. Because one batch only makes like one pan.  And, I saved eight to put in sandwich baggies/put in the freezer; so I can put them in Eons' lunches.  I don't even remember who gave me the recipe; but I could have swore it was my Mom. The only other person who I usually got recipes from was my Grandma. And this was on a paper with other easy cookies to make without expensive ingredients.. I called my Mom and asked her if she had any cookie recipes that didn't use any extra ingredients. Because all I had was basically flour, salt, baking soda, sugar and butter.... Basic ingredients.   (That was when our oldest was a baby.)  And this recipe was on a paper with another "basic" cookie recipe, too. Which makes me think it was my Mom who gave me this recipe.     I wrote it up on my blog here, if you want the recipe.  It is so basic, and plain. One time I told my husband I wanted the cookies, but they weren't done. He said "Eat the cookie dough." I said "The cookie dough wouldn't even taste good..."  But, everyone loves these cookies! Even my kids say "What are these?"  (Translated from teen language, that means they like them. Lol.)   Anyway I will shut up, and here is the recipe: Butterscotch Cookies. (I talk a lot in that post, too... Lol. But you could just copy and paste the actual recipe to word pad or whatever you use, to print it out..)

On a side note, I mentioned "when our oldest was a baby...." He will be 24 next week!! My baby is so not a baby...


paula said...

I think I'd make the Pop Tarts with the pie dough and then just pie filling . . cut out all of those middle man things.

Tina said...

That might be easier.