Friday, April 01, 2016

Easter and One FO

Still trying to catch up on my blog posts... I feel like I never will. But, bear with me. This one has a lot of pictures. :P  We went to a park a couple weeks ago. Just to walk around. There is a little creek there, and a bridge... It's a nice park. Right in a residential area. (I wouldn't want to live there, though.)

Steve...   Always smiling.  (Is that a smile?)  ;P

We were walking over that bridge, and I didn't even notice there were some ducks on the ground there. Steve pointed them out to me..  A Dad and Mom duck. :P

More ducks and geese in the water..  

Steve and Eon looking at the ducks/water..

Eon kept trying to sneak up on the geese.  Lol.  I'm surprised they didn't try to attack him. But they flew away.  He still acts like a little kid sometimes..  :P

I asked Eon to take our picture..

Did you have a nice Easter?  I wasn't going to do anything, or have anyone over...  (Well, we only know my husbands brother, here. But..)   But. I did...   I bought some candles and candlestick holders, and an Easter Lily.  I also bought a bunch of little bunny and an angel knick knack. That will have to be a different blog post, I still haven't taken pictures of those.  I usually don't decorate for Easter except maybe a flower pot...  But, this year I did.

And we invited my husbands' brother and his wife over.  (Her daughter is staying with them, she came too.)  I made two dozen pickled eggs.  This was the day I made them so they weren't "pickled" yet..  (I also bought this pickled egg jar, too.)

I made two pans of hot cross buns. I have never made them before, they're pretty good.

And a New York Style cheesecake. Which used FIVE sticks of cream cheese!!   I forgot to take pictures of everyone while they were here. But they don't really like getting their pictures taken. So...  I didn't.

These were the boys' "Easter Baskets".  I think I mentioned on here a thing I saw on Pinterest. Well, I did it...   Two baseball caps (Um, not cheap... when you buy Under Armour baseball hats..) with "boy" foods...   I did put a chocolate bunny and a Cadbury egg in each one, though. Beef jerky, cracker jacks, and a Monster energy drink..

After I finished the mitered squares blanket, I wanted to do another one. (Can you believe it?!)  I did.  But, I wanted to try doing the squares bigger this time. I actually started out with a different pattern; but then I had to add one stitch casting on, and just did the original pattern I did with the first blanket. Just more stitches.  I've actually gotten one more square finished on it plus another half done, since I took this picture.

And, I finished something for me.  Since all I do is crochet or knit for the babies, and I do get burned out of it sometimes. I wanted to make something for myself.  I bought the Crochet! magazine I think I posted about a while back. Because I really liked the "Cowboy Cowl" in it.   I used some old "stash" yarn (and I do mean old) I had bought when we lived in Colorado.  That was what, over eight years ago?   But the pattern said #2 yarn.  And besides sock yarn, I had a bunch of this...   But, I wasn't really happy with the cowl.  I don't know. It doesn't lay like it did in the picture. Not very "cowl like".  Maybe once I wash it and actually wear it one time I will like it?   But it seems "tight".  By the time I sew buttons on it might be too tight...  I only had a hair clip keeping it together at the very top in the back, here.   


paula said...

Your lilies and candles look so pretty.

Where did you get your "pickled eggs" jar? Dad always made pickled beets and eggs (and onions) in an old glass miracle whip jar. I have looked for something similar for years and can't find anything. Where did you get yours?

Eon has gotten SO BIG! Their baseball hats for Easter was perfect.

I think your new cowl would look good tied on one shoulder and pointing over the other shoulder. What do you think?

Oh, Maybe, instead of buttons, use some ribbon, or crochet some chain strips, and tie it together where you like it?

Tina said...

I got the pickled egg jar at Fred Meyer's, in Oregon. But quite honestly, my Grandma (and I) just used any really big jar with a lid; after everything was gone (pickles, whatever..) wash it out and save it for pickled eggs. That's what I was looking for, something in a jar I could use.. Then my husband found that and said "Buy it."... :)

I do have a picture of the cowl over to one side, and I did like it like that. I will see if I can find it and do a new blog post with it.. And yes, Eon is too big for his britches now. Lol. He went from "just a little bit taller than Mom" to "Way taller than Mom" -- and he's still only 13 years old!! He also went from size 14-16 to "forget it just buy mens clothes" in about a month.