Sunday, April 03, 2016

An Old Project... And my Back "Patio"

I don't know why, or how I started thinking about this doily.. Maybe because I was looking through my books and started thinking about old projects. Who knows. Maybe because Paula posted a filet crochet doily she had done.  This was a doily done in filet crochet, too. A very, very long time ago.  The last time I remember seeing it was when we lived in Nevada. And when we were having all our garage sales, I cleaned out the tea cupboard it was in with all my thread and ribbon and everything...  I miss that thing. Funny thing was, I hated it. :P  Anyway I either probably sold this or just threw it away. :(  Now I regret it.  I could not figure out the next side I was supposed to join. I felt like I was a stitch off, if I remember right. I posted about it here.  (That's where I found the picture.)  I think it was from the book "Victorian Style Needlecrafts" (which I either sold at one of the garage sales, or donated to Goodwill). I'll have to see if I can find another one at a used book store somewhere or online...   

I don't know if I mentioned that I bought some purple pansies...  And a butterfly hanging thing.  Well a couple nights after I got the flowers/butterfly, we were sitting there watching tv. And I saw a shadow on the blinds, of a hummingbird  going first to the big bead on the bottom of the butterfly, then to the flowers.  I think my mouth dropped open.  Because it was still the end of March, then.  My husband said "There's a hummingbird out there." I shook my head and said "I saw it."  So I went in the kitchen and made some hummingbird food.   And put my hummingbird feeder out there.  I have seen a hummingbird (I think there's more than one, because the one looked like an Anna's Hummingbird, and the other one had a coppery colored head..)  but they fly away as soon as they see me in the window..

We bought two chairs and a little table so we can sit outside and drink our coffee in the morning (which we still have not done, it's too chilly lol). But, I have sat out there and knitted and crocheted..   We are still trying to clean things up around here.   :/  

Another view of the hanging things...  I love my butterfly.

And, a new project I started. (Which I already want to rip out.)   I have been very CADHD lately (Crochet- or in this case Knit ADHD)..  Want to start all these new projects, and do actually start one or two. Then they just sit there, unfinished. I have three now...  These I started because there is a new Preschool Drive for Pine Ridge.  I want to do so much, but...   Then I start thinking "I have to ship them..."  And, I already am doing the OB Unit, that is my main charity project.  I get too many things going, then I really start getting resentful and "Why did I sign up for this?".....  I haven't said anything on the thread, so I am not committed. But...     Anyway, I did knit a pair of these mittens, a long, long time ago when both our two oldest boys were little.  For my cousins' daughter (who is a year or two younger than our oldest- he will be 24 this month)...

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paula said...

Hey . . Beet Jar info . . . LOLOL

I have had hummingbird feeder out, with homemade sugar water, and never had any stop by. Will have to try it again if we ever get moved.

I know what you mean by CADHA . . I have it too. It' like there are so many things I want to make and so little time :(