Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RAOK's And A New Dishcloth WIP

Sue sent me a little puffy in the mail the last time she wrote me.  Stationery pack, tea bags and spice packet to mix with rice, and stickers.  I loved it.  It's so nice getting extras in the mail, it really makes your day.  So when I wrote her back, I wanted to send her some, too. :D

She loves making teddy bears, too. So when I saw the teddy bear card set I had to get it for her. I was going to write her on it, but then I thought why not send it to her and write on the stationery she sent me instead?  :)  Remember the stamps I posted about getting? Well they were specifically for sending tea packets in the mail..   This is the tutorial I used.  I didn't have/couldn't find the sticks; plus they wouldn't be very practical to send in the mail. But I wish I could have.  This is another cute one, but for more tea bags, and a lot more work..  And another cute one.  For sending little gifties in the mail.. Or to co-workers, or whatever. Maybe for little place setting/party favors.  I also saw a coaster someone had done on Ravelry.  And tried to copy hers..  But in different colors. For Sue's tea mug.  

And this is a picture of the sticky notes/notepads I got her, at Target.  I loved them.  She sent me a message saying she got the puffy, so I can finally post about it.  :P

I started a new dishcloth, the Mermaid Tail Dishcloth. It's a free Ravelry download. I am making dishcloths to send to the elders on Pine Ridge, for the Kitchen Project.  Anything "kitchen", dishcloths towels, scrubbies. Dry soup mixes, salt/pepper shakers, coffee..    I got five kitchen towels yesterday, they were only 69 cents each!  I should go back and get a bunch more, at that price!!  And I got three balls of dishcloth cotton, to make "matching" dishcloths. (Sort of matching..)  I should have taken a picture of them. Maybe for my next post..  Anyway, I kept making a mistake somehow/somewhere and ended up with two less stitches.  I ended up ripping this all out and re-starting.  Not doing anything else while I am trying to knit..    I also got a pack of scrubbers. I love mine.  

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paula said...

Your sent and received packages look like fun.