Saturday, April 02, 2016

Paula had mentioned in the comments about wearing the cowl over one shoulder, so I said I would post a picture I had taken of it like that.  I did like it like that. But..  I don't know when or where I will have a chance to wear this..  Maybe I will have to just make a chance. :P

My husband has had a couple rare days off this past week. One day we went for a drive to a ski resort town about 62 miles from here..   It's beautiful up there.  I don't know if this is Mount Hood (I think it is, though?)   But it looked so cool, covered with a cloud. 

Some snow in the foothills...

Another shot of Mount Hood

And, another one, with the rocks on the side of the highway..    It is much more beautiful when you are driving up there, in RL (Real Life)...  

There is a museum up there.  We have been there a couple times before. But, I didn't know you could go upstairs - and downstairs.  :D   This was a quilt there...

A wheel, about the Barlow Trail...  

A spinning wheel.

A bear. And a fox fur. :(   

We went to one restaurant. And sat there. And sat there.  No one came to our table or said anything to us. So we left. Then we went to a different restaurant.  Walked in. Someone said hi right away and said they would be right with us..   So we ate there.  This is what we both got.  I cannot remember the name of it. It was goofy.  They had sandwiches called "The Yardsale".  This wasn't that but I am drawing a blank what it was called...   It had corned beef, saurkraut, russian dressing on a swirled rye bread..  I googled the restaurant the sandwich is called "Goofy Foot".   (I was right, it was goofy!)  I ate half of it, and gave the other half to Eli when we got home.   Well.....    He left it on his bed. And Jetta got it.    It was not a good moment...   She is very bad to do that. Yes. But...   I have told them before (I don't know how many times) to not leave food so the dogs can get it. I mean, they are dogs...   But I did feel bad for Eli.  :(  I should go get him another sandwich somewhere, just for him...   We might go back there, with the kids. Because right next to this restaurant, there is an arcade. I know Eon would like it.  And I think Eli would even like it..  And we could all get sandwiches.  :D  

I wanted to post some pictures of the little Knick Knacks (???) I got for Easter.. I have never been a knick knack-y type person...   But, I think I could become one. (Lol... )  I just thought these bunny tea light holders were soooo cute!!! I got them at Target. $3.99 each.

And my Cherub Angel... I just thought it was cute.  I got it at Goodwill. 

And my three bunnies!!  I got them at JoAnns, they were originally $15.99. On sale for $5.99. So... I HAD to get them. I honestly talked myself out of getting them, twice; and left. Then came back another time, and they were still there.   So, I just had to..

I am still not caught up on my blog, but I am getting there.   I wanted to talk about some things I have been wanting to do...   I think I need to stop going on to Pinterest.   I have enough hobbies.   (Sigh...)  But, then I say to myself "But you have been wanting to do that forever.."  And it's true, I have been wanting to do "that", "forever"...     The thing I am talking about is painting rocks.   I don't even like paints...   But I love painted rocks!! One of my Aunts has painted rocks since I was a little girl.  She had them all set up in her dining room.  One was a "Rock Party".   Lol.  Ladybugs, I don't even remember them all.    But there is a rock in our back yard that is just sitting there, by the fence. And I keep looking at it, thinking "I like that rock. I need to paint it.."   (I am losing my mind, people... lol)  Then I went on Pinterest.  O. M. G....   Now I have a new Pinterest board, "Painted Rocks".  :P     But, I think this is a hobby that Eon and I could do together. Because he loves paints.  So, if I bought paints and then decided I wasn't any good at painting rocks, Eon would still like the paints..   I wanted to a "My Garden" or something similar rock..  I pinned this one "Welcome to my Garden."  I don't know if I could do all that fancy painting though..   


paula said...

I think you and Eon could make a neat Welcome to My Garden rock.

You still need to tell me where you got your "pickled beet jar." I told Gene about yours and h e thought it would be perfect for us too.

Tina said...

Paula, I thought I commented below you about the pickled egg jar.. I got it at Fred Meyer's in Oregon. I know there aren't any Fred Meyer's out east. :(