Saturday, April 09, 2016

Square Making Day

I said yesterday was going to be "Square Making Day"...   So I got some yarn I had in my stash, and my 99 Granny Squares book, and went out on the back patio with my coffee to have some fun. (I really live on the edge, don't I?)  
I started #68.  I wanted to do a twelve inch square. So I kept just adding to it, doing row 6 again, then row 7 I think...  But I didn't like how the square was coming out.  It was more rounded than square.  So, I ripped out back to the last row of the pattern (or until it measured six inches.)  You can see how they are more round than square here, too.  I decided I wasn't gong to do any more of that square.  But I got two finished.

Since the squares aren't supposed to be holy (so the blankets will be warm), I decided to do this square. Framing A Flower square. It's a six inch square, but I just kept going until it was twelve inches.  It is still a little bit holy. But not too bad.   I got one finished last night. I was still working on it, and my husband came home from work early. I wanted to go get my prescription switched to a new pharmacy (I have to get it filled before Sunday). (This is a long story... Which seems to be the "story of my life"...) ~~~  I have one more month left on my pill. So when I went to the pharmacy last time (lst month-before yesterday), I asked the pharmacist about the new law in Oregon (I don't know if it is nation wide, or just Oregon but I read something online about Oregon having this new law..) that you do not need a prescription to get birth control pills. (I have to be on them for "health reasons").   She said yes that is true. But..  They did not have anyone trained yet in their pharmacy; and they wouldn't be trained until the end of June.  ??? Okay...   So, I started googling where CVS is here...  Only two in the whole state????  And I will not go back to Walgreens, ever.  So...  I started thinking what other pharmacies I could go to. There's a Safeway (they have a pharmacy)...   When I went to Safeway one day this week, I just asked the pharmacist/ told her my situation.    She said the same thing with them, they don't have anyone trained yet. (Trained for what? I am thinking...)  But, she said another pharmacy in town does. (Yay!!) So, I wanted to go there and see, and wasn't sure what time they closed/if they would even be open Saturdays...  So, I wanted to go before dinner.  Well they do have someone trained (two technicians, even!) and they switched my prescription. I found out what they had to be "trained" for..   I can't just switch my prescription and just get it refilled, I have to have a consultation (they have to be trained to do the consultation.)  See how complicated things are?  This was the other problem I had, I couldn't just go to a doctor to get an exam/get my prescription refilled. Because no doctor will even see me here, because I don't have an Oregon drives license???? (Which is why I wanted to do the whole switching pharmacies around thing..) I went to get my Oregon drivers license a couple weeks ago, but I failed the test!!! OMG.  I couldn't believe it. But you would believe it, if you saw some of the questions on it! I have never even HEARD of some of the "laws" or things on it..  And, so... not knowing. or having even heard of such a thing, I didn't get the question right.  :(   Or get my drivers license...       But, I got my pill situation figured out/taken care of for now. That's one of the things I have been meaning to do..  (Even though it costs $13 more at this pharmacy-rip off- than my last pharmacy. I had a coupon to get a discount on your prescription- that I used at the other pharmacy- but I need to find it)   I think it's strange that this pharmacy has two technicians trained, but the big name store pharmacies don't..   Just saying. So anyway when we got back home/dinner over/dishes done, I finished this square..   And since the morning, I found two other skeins of this same color. So I definitely have enough to do more in this color..

In my last blog post I mentioned how the Butterscotch Cookie dough wasn't even good enough to eat...  I took a picture of it (but forgot until I uploaded them...) So I thought I would show you how "not good to eat" it looks...   That's the cookie dough.  You have to refrigerate it for at least an hour.  Which reminds me I may have to go back and see if I wrote the whole recipe out. Because what I have written on paper is just the ingredients/ oven temp and how long to bake..  

I posted about my butterfly "thingy" that I love. I thought I would take a better picture of it.

3D shot.  

This is one of our apple trees. We have two. This one is the bigger of the two (and so many flowers!!). We will need a ladder to get to the top of this tree.  Lots of birds live in this tree.  Or hide in it, before coming to my bird feeders.

Close up of the flowers..  I hope we get lots of apples (and they are good to eat!). I want to make apple butter. It's one of the things on my "list" of things I want to make.  :)


paula said...

Apple Butter . . YUMMY.

I see load of apple pies in your future too. Maybe some APple Hand Pies. I LOVE hand pies ! ! ! ! !

Tina said...

I have never tried making hand pies, maybe I will put those on my "list" of things I want to make, too. I hope to at least make apple rumble/betty. Maybe some pies, too. :)