Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hello Blog

I have no shortage of pictures to post here lately, I just have to upload them all... That's the "hard part".  There is a sale on kitchen towels at a store here. Only 69 cents each. I couldn't not buy some, at that price.  They're for the Kitchen Project I mentioned... I got a few balls of dishcloth cotton, to make dishcloths to "match".

I was thinking and somehow remembered the rooster hotpads I had made for my Etsy store. (That no one bought..)  I thought "Why not send those, too?"  I looked for the bag they were in (and eventually found it), and there were two dishcloths I had made in there, too. Bonus. The one on the bottom right is the 9 patch cloth. I think the other one is the Tweedish Cloth, but I could be wrong..  There's the link for the Tweedish Cloth, anyway. :P  The Mermaid Tail Dishcloth I am knitting is taking me forever... Probably because I haven't been knitting very much on it, and what I had done I had to frog because I kept messing up. First I had too many stitches, then I ended up with two less?  I think I figured out what I was doing wrong (well, one thing- besides not paying attention and trying to play games on Facebook while I was knitting)  I was at the end, doing an extra yarn over and then slipping it over. But at the end you are just supposed to do one knit, or two...   then I messed up again somehow I slipped the yarn over stich over four stitches. So I had to rip out two rows and re-do that. Then I had only slipped half of the yarn over for one stitch, had to go back and re-do that...   This cloth is irritating me.

Anyway, here are the rooster hotpads I was talking about.  They would go with the rooster towels I posted above. :D  I might go back and get all the rooster towels they have left.  My kitchen is roosters, and I was thinking about sending one of these with two towels to Alice (someone I sent things to in Crafting for a Cause Group, which is no longer a group..)  I still keep in touch with her every now and then though..

I also found a whole bag of dishcloth cotton!!! YAY!!!  I knew I had more dishcloth cotton than what was in my drawer. But I can't remember anything/where anything is, anymore..  I was so happy to find this.  This was a bag that were possible future rooster hot pads for my Etsy store. I have a brown one started in there, too.

Another silly thing that made me happy yesterday, I found these at JoAnns.  I wanted something I could slip on to the front of my work, and take out again easily. And I saw one someone had on their Mermaid Tail dishcloth they were knitting, and thought I have to find some like that...They were $3.99, but they were $1 off so only $2.99. Yay... 

And this is the progress on my scrap C2C.  I have all along been making them square for the OB Unit. But I wanted to send this one to OST/CPS for Foster Kids.   At first I thought I will just make it bigger than 40 inches. Then I remembered seeing others that were long, like twin sized (or bigger) in a Facebook group I am in for these blankets. I thought "I should do this one like that."  So that's what I'm going to do. I am aiming for 66 x 90.  :0   It's only 46 inches across, so far.  So I have 20 more inches to go. Then up..

Don't ask me why, but I made some Lego Crayons a couple days ago...    (I know why, because I wanted to send them to someone for their son.)  But now I have to do something else for their daughter, too. I used to have a heart shaped mold we did crayons in (but it melted when I put it in the oven)...   :/   Maybe I will just make some muffin crayons..

We took the boys to get hair cuts last weekend. Eli wanted to go too. (His hair is super long--- Or I should say, was super long..)  I didn't know he was going to get it all cut off!! I was surprised. He looks like a different person.  I don't care if he has his hair long, or short. He just looks so different.   :)

I thought I would post a picture of our bush (one of them) in front..  It has yellow flowers all over it. They smell so nice.

And, we have buttercups everywhere!!  Oh, I should have posted the picture of the field behind us. It is covered with them.  I picked these from our yard, before my husband mowed the grass. I should have picked a bunch. But this bottle only can hold so many. :P

And my rhubarb plant. I finally put it in the ground...  And my "garden" rock.   Not much of a garden. But, it's a start..


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love that beautiful bush! Wow!

paula said...

Is your yellow bush a Forsythia? Ours blooms on those bushes are just starting to open.

Your son looks so good with his hair cut. I'll bet it seems like a different man coming into your house when he comes in.