Friday, April 15, 2016

I Have Something To Show For Myself..

I actually have two FO's..   This is a Lamb Pillow I finished; I don't know, a few days ago. I had been wanting to make one forever, I thought they were so cute. And I think it is even cuter in RL (Real Life).  I just love this pillow...  I call it a pillow.  It is kind of like a small pillow.   There is a horse, cow, bunny, and a pig, too.  From the Barnyard Buddies pattern book. Which is out of print. But I found mine on ebay.

And, I finished another C2C baby blanket for the OB Unit..   I am kind of in Limbo about sending them anything any more.  (Sigh...)    Long story.  I got a note from the nurse who we address the packages to. (I got one, and several other people in the group got the same note as well). It said basically there isn't room to store things, we don't have as many births now, don't send for six months.  ???  Well the mods of the group have been trying to contact the hospital to confirm this/see what is going on...    They spoke with this woman's supervisor/boss who said that isn't true, keep sending things.  I haven't said anything in the group. But someone else did. She said she didn't want to send things she spent time making if this woman is going to hide them somewhere in a closet for six months...   Well, I wanted to add to that:  What has she done with all the things we have been sending?  The whole thing makes me just think a million things and wonder what is going on....   Is she keeping the things people send and selling them?  Yikes...   It also makes me wonder if she is competent enough to be a nurse.  WTH is going on?...   I had already had this one started though. So I finished it.

I guess I will wait for further word from the mods...  I had a sweater started to go with this but now I have zero motivation to finish it.  This was the major charity I make things for...    Kind of bummed about the whole thing. But then I decided I guess I will work on other things..

Sometimes you just need a huge cup of coffee. Even though you already had two cups..  It's FRIDAY, though...  I am so happy.  Can you tell I hate getting up early?...   This morning I woke up earlier (Fridays are late start at my son's school) then when my alarm was supposed to go off, but I felt like I slept in forever. I guess that's good.   Anyway~~ After finishing the lamb pillow, I wanted to do a bear.  I kind of wanted to do a scrappy bear.  But...   I also kind of wanted to do a pillow pal...   So...  I am going to crochet a Bear Pillow. I finished one of these before. (In off-white- which wasn't very smart, to send to Pine Ridge. But..)  I saw some cute ones on Ravelry and someone did a red one and a purple one. I love it.  So I am doing a red one right now...

Of course I had to show some cookies I made this week..  I think I made them this weekend. Sunday.  Or Monday.  They're long gone now. They are Old Fashioned Iced Oatmeal Cookies. I think that is the recipe. All the same ingredients/amounts... I hand wrote my recipe so I don't know..  (I do not ever line the cookie sheets with parchment paper, I just grease them..)

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paula said...

Here is the charity I crochet for now . .

They have pattern for different types of nests that you can crochet or knit and then send to a Wildlife Rescue Organization (they have a HUGE list of places that have asked for them). I found them on Facebook and have sent to three places so far. It is such an honor r=to see a wild animal being rehabed using your nest for comfort.