Thursday, October 04, 2007


I know, exciting title, no? Well don't expect too much excitement around here, with the way I've been taking pictures and all.... :( It's not for lack of trying. I took a picture of this pink hearts square about five times. This is the best one out of them all. But, the color is washed out, and it is still too dark... Hey, it matches my blog. ;P This square is from 200 Crochet Blocks. It is supposed to be a childs' afghan square, but I was thinking, it would totally work for a Breast Cancer Awareness square, too! I didn't even know, until I went to the store last night, and there was pink breast cancer awareness items, and 'October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month' signs everywhere; that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Well, I made this square in September. I may or may not make one more of these. And I may or may not put an edging around them. So they are both 8 1/2" wide. To be the same size as these:
I am knitting these squares from some of the yarn that Lisa sent me. (Thanks again, Lisa!) This yarn is so soft. And I love the way it knits up into a stripe effect. It reminds me of cotton candy. The square pattern I am using: Cables and Lace Afghan: Square #7 by Kay MacLaury.
Here is a closer-up view of the color.
And this one I even went outside for the best lighting but still!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!! I don't know what I am doing wrong. Unless my new camera is really a piece of junk. It might be. My last camera was about the oldest piece of junk digital camera on earth, but it still took better pictures than this one! (When it worked, that is...) Well this square is the Canadian Spring Square. (At least you can see what it looks like there.) I've made this one before. Here. And here. These (I made two and #3 is almost done... with five more to go, probably...) are going into a comfortghan for someone I know, who is going through a really rough time right now. I've never actually made a comfortghan in *real life*. :P I've made and sent out squares for one, but never actually put one together, and given one to someone, myself. I am getting at least two more people I know (in real life) to make squares for me, so I figure I have to make at least eight myself.... Well have a nice Thursday y'all. It's almost the weekend! (Why am I not excited.... hmm.... maybe I'll save that for another blog post... but let's just say, the weekends are more hectic than the weekdays for me, lately...) ;)

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Mimi said...

That's a pretty pink square, for breast cancer awareness...
I love your cables and lace square, too, Tina! Knitting is still quite a mystery for me, and I'm amazed at your knitting ;)
Btw, I hope you'll have the chance to get a better camera. Its important for our hobby and business, as well. I never let anyone borrow mine, since I wont be able to work and play without it :p