Thursday, November 02, 2006

Some Things I Have Been Working On

...and trying to get finished up... This is the sweater I posted about already that is for my great niece. Here it is with the hat. I may or may not make a pair of Mary Janes to go with this. (Probably not, as I am so backed up in my crocheting... and I've already sent an afghan and toys that I've crocheted, too.)
And the sweater for my nephew (due this month). Both hats are from FCEC Fall 2006 issue. If you are planning on making them, be forewarned: I made them with the yarn indicated (the girls'), and a hook size bigger, and it still was not the right size. In order to get a six month size, I had to make the 24 month size. Same thing for the boys. (Fortunately I was going for a newborn size then...)
Here are two comfortghan squares I made for Lisa from Crochetville for her Grandmothers Comfortghan. You can read about it here. And I got the pattern here. I've made this square before. You can read about that here, if you want. ;p
And this is a comfortghan square for Jessie, you can read all about it here. This is Bobby's Square, which I've also made before. Sheesh! I hope all these links work, cuz I don't feel like going back and fixing them all now. ;p Oh, and I almost forgot, I did six other comfortghan squares, too. For the Amish school shooting tragedy. A bunch of us at Crochetville got together to make squares, and Mary is putting all the comfortghans together. You can read about that, here. And since I forgot to post the picture, you can look at my squares here. :)


Lucy said...

You've been busy...Love the baby outfits! Hey, a little "MIMI" bird said you were celebrating a birthday!!!! Happy Day!!!

Tina said...

Hi Lucy. Thank you (blush). ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Mimi said...

Hi Tina, now I can comment again...whew! Blogger has been sick for a few days, and I think its well now ;)
I love the baby outfits you made! I wish I have a baby to crochet for in our family,(but I definitely would not want to be a grandma yet!) Cant wait to see baby pictures of your nephews or nieces wearing what you made =)